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Bullet Sunday 138

Posted on Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Dave!Another week. Another Bullet Sunday. And this one seems to be inspired by how the vast information available on the internet seems to cause a chain of events from one thing to another.

• LEGO Chain. This started with me getting the latest LEGO catalog in the mail and seeing that they've come up with a third series of Space Police sets. I've been a fan of LEGO since I was very young, but it was when they released the original Space Police that I became insane over those little plastic bricks. What's so amazing is how LEGO keeps innovating and improving on the concept. This time around they've put a real effort into making the minifigs drive the series. The little alien criminals have to be the cutest LEGOs ever...

Lego Space 3 Aliens
Clockwise: Frenzy, Kranxx, Skull Twin, and Squidman.
Photos taken from the awesome shots at No Onion's Flickr Set

Space Police then led to video games when I saw that the catalog also featured an advertisement for their latest effort, LEGO Battles. It seems to be a Real-Time Strategy game that's geared for a younger gamer. Or a gamer like me who loves LEGO video games so much that they'll buy anything that comes out...


I don't know anything about the game play, but the trailer makes me want to buy it immediately...

LEGO Battles led to me remember that I had bought LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Batman games for my Wii months ago, but had never even opened the boxes! The last game I had played was LEGO Star Wars, which was ten shades of awesome, so I decided to rip them open and give them a try. As expected, they were absolutely amazing and a lot of fun. Sadly, I don't have time for games, or I could have spent all day playing...

Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Batman

As a major Batman fan, LEGO Batman is a huge favorite. The puzzles are really good, and some of them quite challenging as you attempt to find all the game's secrets. But they don't stop there... not only do you get to play as all the Bat Heroes (including Batgirl!) you can then replay the levels from the villain's perspective! Sweet! A pity the iPhone version isn't nearly as good.

This then led me to wonder which LEGO property would be getting a video game next. Spider-Man? Superman? Nope. Turns out it's LEGO Harry Potter, Years 1-4 coming in 2010. I don't even like Harry Potter, but the trailer has me wanting it...

This led me to wish that they would expand the games outside of licensed properties and explore some of the LEGO favorites like LEGO Pirates and LEGO Space Police... how awesome would that be? Guess I'll have to settle for LEGO Rock Band...


• Hollywood Chain. This all started with a tweet by Kevin Smith...

Kevin Smith Twitter

Since Kevin Smith interviews and Kevin Smith talks are about as entertaining as it gets, this immediately grabbed my attention. I didn't even know Kevin Pollak had an internet chat show.

Which led to Kevin Pollak's site. Where I noticed his previous guest was ILLEANA DOUGLAS!! I love Illeana Douglas! She always manages to pop up just when I least expect it, and usually ends up stealing the show. My favorite character of hers would have to be child star turned prostitute turned Hollywood movie executive Wendy Ward in Action! but she's great in everything...

Illeana Douglas

Her interview wsa very interesting (and very long!) but led me to her latest project which, believe it or not, is a series of shorts for IKEA called Easy to Assemble starring Illeana as "herself"... trying to leave Hollywood behind and lead a "normal life" by working at IKEA...

Easy to Assemble Still with Illeana Douglas

This led me to visiting the IKEA site so I could see if they started making those DVD shelves I like again, but they aren't on the site. This is a major bummer, because I can't even remember the IKEA name of the unit so I can call and ask if the store in Seattle has it. Best. DVD. Shelf. Ever. And I need more.

This led me to wondering when Watchmen was coming out on DVD. Turns out the Blu-Ray Director's Cut will hit on July 25th...

Watchmen Blu-Ray

This led me to remember that the Blog-Her conference is on July 25th in Chicago. This led me to wonder if Chicago television show My Boys had been renewed for a fourth season (according to The Futon Critic it hasn't yet). Which led me to wonder if they had at least released the second season of My Boys on DVD (they haven't). Which led me to wanting my IKEA shelves all over again.


• Bloggign Chain. This morning I learned that OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD TV PITCH-MAN BILLY MAYS HAD DIED. This led me to look back at my blog entry about him from back in 2007...


This led me to remember that it was Bullet Sunday, and I should probably write my entry for the day. So here I am. REST IN PEACE BILLY MAYS!!!


  1. DutchBitch says:

    The Kid LOVES all the LEGO games on his PC ánd his DS (and if he had his way on Wii too). So he will love that one of them is on my iTouch now 🙂

  2. Kyra says:

    I liked Lego Star Wars and Indiana, I’m OK with Batman. I guess maybe I missed some of the “inside” jokes popping up like they did in Indiana (starwars references, etc)

    But regardless? I just love the Lego games. I spend far too many hours on them with my son. I’ll have to tell him about the Harry Potter (I’m sure I’ll get the “I KNOW mom…”)

  3. Rachel says:

    most random bullet sunday ever. Love the train of thought

  4. claire says:

    I love the Lego video games. Reminds me I still need to finish the 1st Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman. Held off because I didn’t want to be done with them, and then things got busy.

    Lego Harry Potter isn’t exciting as far as things they could’ve picked, but there’s definitely cool puzzle possibilities…

  5. Kevin says:

    Have both IJ and Batman Lego Games and Love love love Them!

  6. B.E. Earl says:

    I’ve got a little thing for Illeana Douglas. Sexy in a not-so standard way. Rowr.

  7. Jon says:

    LOVED Illena Douglas in Six Feet Under.

    But please stop pointing out all of that Lego awesomeness…I do have to earn a living, you know.

  8. Robin says:

    We just spent the last month creating a Billy Mays infomercial spoof for a new product launch for our sales meeting which is in two weeks. And it was perfect! One of our product managers did a great imitation of Billy Mays. The president of our company called me this morning to tell me BM died—and we agreed it would be inappropriate to use the infomercial at the sales meeting—unless we changed all the music to MJ songs, produced a Charlie’s Angel skit and made all the announcements in the voice of Ed McMahon. But we decided we didn’t have enough time to do all of that, so we are just pulling the segment. Arrrrrrggggghhhhhh!

  9. Sybil Law says:

    Man- your mind was being led all over the place today!
    I like it.

  10. John says:

    I love Illeana Douglas too! *My* favorite character of hers was the hilariously funny art teacher in Ghost World. : )

  11. whall says:

    They should do LEGO TV ADMEN featuring Billy Mays and the Shamwow guy, not to mention Kevin Trudeau.

  12. Mik says:

    Woot July 25th we’re heading to Oregon so maybe I’ll get a chance to pick up Watchmen with no sales tax!

    I found out Billy Mays had died because Avitable did one of his interviews.

  13. kapgar says:

    How does your head not explode?

  14. A Lewis says:

    Hey, Mr. World Traveler, have you been to the original “Lego Land” in Billund, Denmark? I was in the town once, but didn’t go to the Lego place…I guess that’s where Legos came from.

  15. Dave2 says:

    I have been by there, but was on my way to work and didn’t have time to stop.

    Hopefully one day!

  16. I loved Legos growing up. I guess I have been out of the loop for a while though. When did they start making Lego video games?

  17. martymankins says:

    Wow… lots of LEGO overload here. Not that I’m complaining about it.

    So far, the LEGO Indy and LEGO Batman games have lived up to their greatness. I’m curious about the LEGO Battles. But not really that interested in LEGO Harry Potter.

    I would like to get a few of those LEGO keychains at some point.

    Of course the big question now is: when will LEGO Michael Jackson, LEGO Farah Fawcett and LEGO Billy Mays find their way to the market?

  18. Dave2 says:

    Yep… but it’s on the day I’m flying down to Orlando! Bummer. 🙁

  19. Mary Sue says:

    I worked for IKEA for nine months (including a store opening) as a cashier. Nothing quite as surreal as putting on that yellow shirt.

  20. Kath says:

    LEGO Indy will be the death of me….I logged 4 1/2 hours Saturday night/Sunday morning playing it. ARGH! My husband told me it was awesome, but that was such an under-sale! At least there’s a second Indy Lego game coming out Sept 30! Have to finish this one first….3 months to go! I can do it! 😀

  21. Miss Britt says:

    And now I’m thinking about mangoes.

    Which seems random.

  22. delmer says:

    I thought I was the only person in the world to ever watch Action!

    I’d like to think My Boys will be back. And Reaper.

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