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Bullet Sunday 127

Posted on Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Dave!To those who celebrate (or just like bunnies and chocolate) Happy Easter on this fine Bullet Sunday!

• Eggo. For Boiled Egg Day this year, I'm guest-blogging over at Hilly-Sue's place. I'd go there immediately, because it's far more interesting than anything you'll find here (though I've now archived the post in an extended entry).

• Apples. Knowing that Apple can be so good at so many things, it always shocks me at the regularity of their massive failures. Today I wanted to buy a couple of iPhone apps at their iTunes Music Store. But no matter which of my FOUR credit cards I tried, it always tells me that the "Security Code is Incorrect." And, of course, I can't find a phone number to call and get it straightened out. Instead I have to root around their website for twenty minutes until I find an email form. Epic Fail...

iTunes Fuckers!

• Dolls. After waiting through a half-dozen shitastically horrible and altogether boring episodes of Dollhouse I prepared myself for "good" episodes that everybody said would follow. Well, here we are at episode #9 and it's still a boring pile of crap. And that's being generous, because it's also one of the most annoying shows on television... all because of tech-nerd dumbass "Topher" who has to be one of the worst characters ever unleashed on television...

Topher FAIL!

Seriously... I never thought anything could top David Caruso's gag-inducing "Horatio Cane" on CSI: Miami, but here we are. "Topher" has convinced me that genius show-runner Joss Whedon has either A) Completely lost his mind, or B) Is actually a total genius who is intentionally making Topher a whiny, annoying, bumbling tool so he can add a major twist to the show by ultimately revealing that Topher's character is a complete sham, and "Topher" is actually the man behind the entire Dollhouse organization (or something equally shocking). In any case, I spend every minute Topher is on screen wishing that he would die and take this awful excuse for a television show with him. Joss Whedon's speciality is writing deep, fully-realized and complex characters that interact in utterly fascinating group dynamics. Dollhouse features none of these strengths, giving us erasable, shallow, interchangeable characters that don't interact in any way that's even remotely interesting. Perhaps he's planning on eventually getting this show to a place where it's worth watching, but he's taking way to long to get there and I don't feel like being tortured anymore. BRING BACK SERENITY!!!

• Cupid. It is well documented here that my favorite show ever to air on television was Cupid, starring Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall. Thanks to gross mishandling by ABC, the show was never given a chance to find an audience, and it was brutally and unfairly canceled. Sad, yes, but show creator Rob Thomas went on to create Veronica Mars, the second greatest show ever to air on television, so I eventually managed to grieve and move on. Except when it was announced that Rob Thomas was being given a second shot at launching Cupid, but this time without Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall. Going in, I knew it wouldn't approach the greatness of the original, but I held faith it would at least be good television. It's Rob Thomas, after all. Unfortunately, after suffering through two episodes, I find that the re-imagined copy falls flat. The two leads never even come close to the energetic interplay and chemistry that Paula and Jeremy had. Furthermore, Jeremy Piven infused Trevor with a sense of wonder that made it seem as if he might really BE Roman god of love, Cupid, newly stranded on earth... whereas Bobby Cannavale just seems like a slightly creepy scammer who is pretending to be imagining to be Cupid for some unknown purpose. Sarah Paulson (who was great on Studio 60) seems to be playing Claire completely passionless and emotionally void, which defeats the purpose of her character. Please, please, please, PLEASE won't somebody release the brilliant original series on DVD?!? Or, even if you don't want to go to that kind of expense, could you at LEAST release in on iTunes so people can buy it digitally? The show is entirely too important to be left sitting on a shelf somewhere...

Cupid Cool!

• Cougar. And since I'm on a television kick here... JUST when I think that television can't get any more stupid, here comes a new piece of reality show shit called The Cougar where an older woman gets to weed through a bunch of younger guys "Bachelor-style" until she finds her "true love." I wonder how much these people get paid to whore their lovelife out for television entertainment? And I definitely use the word "entertainment" loosely...

Cougar Whore!

And now I should really do something about my taxes. I think they're due soon.

Here's an archive of an entry originally posted at Snackiepoo...

Hey Snackie fans, this is not Hilly… this is her BFF, Dave2 from Blogography! For reasons that I can’t even begin to fathom, The Queen of the PRB has entrusted me to post for her today while she is tearing across this great nation at ludicrous speed. This is probably a good thing, because it’s pretty tough to talk your way out of a ticket if the officer notices that you were not only speeding, but updating your blog on your mobile phone while driving as well.

Anydoodle, since today is Easter Sunday I thought I’d try to come up with something that reflects the true spirit of the holiday. Something that will harken back to a simpler time when holy occasions like this weren’t all commercialized and exploited. Something thought-provoking and insightful that will challenge people to set aside their negativity and help make this world a better place for all mankind. But most importantly, something with eggs in it.

So here we go with a very special edition of...

Snackie Easter Sunday Banner

(Assuming you are not highly allergic to eggs and won’t die from consuming one)

The Easter Bunny likes to boil everything, yet there are so many other great ways to cook an egg that it can be kinda tough to choose a favorite! But Snackie Sunday is nothing if not challenging, so dig down deep in your soul and pick your preferred preparation, won’t you?

DAVETOON: Cartoon Egg Cooking Options

As for me? My favorite way of eating an egg is when it’s baked into a chocolate cake!

DAVETOON: Lil' Dave and Bad Monkey Eat Chocolate Cake

Because chocolate cake tastes totally awesome… especially if it’s Betty Crocker, because there’s PUDDING in the mix! Yes, PUDDING, bitches!

I also like a good fried egg sandwich. Where the bread is toasted just perfectly so it’s crusty enough to keep the egg from soaking through, but not so crusty that it scrapes your mouth all up when you eat it. Where the egg yolk is a little bit runny, but not so undercooked that you get salmonella poisoning and die. Where it’s got quality freshly-shredded cheddar cheese on it, not the cheap-ass bargain-bin $1.99-a-bag pre-shredded stuff that doesn’t melt even if you take a blow-torch to it. Where it has just a dash of freshly-ground pepper and a light spread of mayonnaise to add flavor, but never ketchup which has no business being on a fried egg sandwich… ever. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind eating an egg in a deliciously satisfying fried egg sandwich either.

But mostly I’d rather have the chocolate cake. Mostly.

Wishing Mah Hilly-Sue A Safe Trip Kisses,

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  2. B.E. Earl says:

    I thought the last couple of episodes of Dollhouse were pretty good, but yeah…I hate that Topher kid.

    Almost as much as I hate the nickname “Topher”.

  3. A Lewis says:

    I can hardly wait for that Cougar show….you know, the weeding through of the young men……umm…..

  4. brandon says:

    wait, cougars are capable of love? i thought they were called cougars because they were only able to FEAST??? i mean, if they’re looking for wub, why not call them snuggies?

    a cougar looking for love is doing it wrong. and wasting my time in the process.

  5. Hilly says:

    I’d be so embarrassed to be on a Cougar show like that (not that I am in any way old enough yet but still). I have no idea what has happened to people’s senses of pride, for fucks sake.

    I think that Wheedon is really trying to give us some good mystery, depth and character development with Echo but it is taking too long. I can almost see where he is going but it never gets there. I was hoping they’d do more with Amy Acker too, meh. I still like the show and honestly don’t care about Topher one way or the other.

    Also, your guest post was totally disco. Again, thank you so much!

  6. etinny says:

    Tho’ I don’t follow these shows, I agree the name sounds stupid. Whenever I hear “Topher” I think: “gopher”.

    & BTW: Congrats on your Dave@Hilly’s blog. It was great have 2 Dave2’s in one day.

  7. Amanda says:

    For some reason, when you said Paula Marshall, I pictured Penny Marshall, and I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see the picture. I was confused about Jeremy Piven’s chemistry with Laverne.

  8. SciFi Dad says:

    The irony in your comments about Dollhouse is that Whedon, like many writers, puts himself into the narrative as a character. He did it with Xander on Buffy and to a much smaller extent with Wash in Firefly. Topher is his voice on Dollhouse, meaning that, in fact, Topher IS the brilliant mind behind the Dollhouse (sorta kinda).

    I’ve actually liked the last few episodes. I think he’s trying to emulate a recent successful formula in serialized dramas where the mythology isn’t explained so much as uncovered (think Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, and for a poorer example, Fringe) while still maintaining his strengths in character development. I’ll agree that he’s struggling to balance those two forces, but I find he’s getting there.

  9. kapgar says:

    Don’t worry, you still got a few weeks left for those taxes. Take your time.

  10. sue says:

    I’ve been watching Dollhouse, but still waiting for something good to happen… I’m all for Serenity coming back! Would make too much sense, tho’… and we all know the televised world doesn’t want to make TOO much sense. Bleh.

  11. martymankins says:

    I guess I should count myself lucky. I’ve not had any issues with the iTunes store in some time, and the last time I did, it was corrected right away by someone that responded to my email form.

    While I agree with you on this new reality show being shit, the chick they got for this does look kinda hot.

    Ok… ok… it’s reality TV. Not going to watch.

  12. suze says:

    I think I’m no longer sad that we gave up cable just as Dollhouse was being introduced. My love of Joss can stay intact due to the fact that I haven’t yet seen the disaster that everyone is telling me this show is…

  13. Avitable says:

    I’m not sure if you’re watching the same shows I am. I think maybe you should just give up on TV if Rob Thomas and Joss Whedon are giving you this much cause for complaining!

    The last few Dollhouses have been excellent, and I thought Cupid was funny and enjoyable.

  14. lizriz says:

    “cougar”: blech

  15. claire says:

    I’d wondered what you thought about the new Cupid. I really liked Sarah Paulson in Studio 60, so that gives my patience a leg up. Still… I have a mini-crush on Paula Marshall so I’d love to see the original eps. Jeremy Piven is hit or miss for me.

    Are they remaking the episodes pretty closely or starting anew with the Miracle on 34th St. premise?

  16. Iron Fist says:

    I have just the T-shirt for that last show.

  17. Faiqa says:

    Is the woman in the last photo supposed to be a cougar? Because she looks like she’s my age. And. That. Cannot be right.

  18. sfchick74 says:

    I didn’t even know they had two episodes of the new Cupid. I just saw the one last week. It’s like the new Coke. Why mess with a good formula?

    ABC wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit them in the ass. How they landed Lost and keep it on the air is beyond me.

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