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Posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Dave!I cannot imagine the scrutiny that somebody in the public spotlight has to endure. I don't think anybody can until it happens to them.

Which is why I am starting to develop a real sympathy for Michelle Obama. The poor woman cannot catch a break, as her every nuance is analyzed to death. Her every decision... no matter how slight... is debated and dissected for months after it happens. And usually, it's over insignificant details that she seems to catch the most flack for. The latest furor burning up the internets is that she has the audacity and poor taste to =gasp!= wear SLEEVELESS DRESSES!!

Just look at the hussy as she attends a recent presidential address...

Michelle Obama Sleeveless

Today somebody actually asked me what I thought of Michelle Obama dressing in such an undignified manner.

"Are you serious?" I replied. "So long as she has her nipples covered and isn't flashing her crotch all over town, I don't give a crap if her dress has sleeves or not!"

Because, honestly, every time I see a photo of Michelle Obama, she is the very epitome of class and good taste. She is a good-looking woman, and dresses appropriately. I think it's time for some jealous bitches to realize that we're living in the year 2009, and shut the fuck up.

At least I did.

Until I saw a photo of our First Lady deplaning Air Force One to meet with the British Minister of Foreign Affairs last week...

Michelle Obama Bad Weave

Now, I consider myself to be a pretty open-minded guy, but clearly she has made a wrong decision here.

The First Lady of The United States of America has no business wearing a bad synthetic weave like this!

Clearly this is not how this country should be represented. You're the FIRST LADY for crying out loud! Find yourself a good hairdresser and spring for the natural hair extensions!

I mean, my God, what's next? LEG WARMERS WITH SPANDEX?!?

Somebody please help her before it's too late.

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  1. sizzle says:

    I know I am gullible and all but even I can see that that photo is fake. Right?!

  2. Brandon says:

    HA! What a hussy!

  3. Robguy says:

    Seriously! She’s just as much a dirty whore as Jackie Kennedy – a previous First Lady that dressed san sleeve. Is it her fault she doesn’t have flappy bingo wings like all the recent republican president’s wives?
    I’m not sure what it is about people that have a fit over her sleeves or how Obama sometimes takes his suit jacket off while at work.

  4. apricoco says:

    hahaha.. That was so awesome. You are right, she should spring to get her hair did. Otherwise, she gonna look like some cheap trick.

  5. Danalyn says:

    Heheh. That picture sooooo Photoshopped.

  6. ROFL!!! Thanks for the good laugh. I sure needed one to break up the monotony of studying for an exam in my “Economics of the Middle East” class… Believe me, it’s even more tedious than it sounds.

  7. Danalyn says:

    PS: I sooooo don’t know how to type!

  8. karla says:

    Dave, that is just wrong.

    So wrong so many ways.

    Nice tits though.

  9. Chris says:

    Will they never learn? Fishnets and pleather boots just don’t do anything good for anyone…

  10. Peter says:

    Dave, you had me almost fooled, even you could see it’s a photo montage. [maybe you made it yourself, the sleeveless picture doesn’t have your copyright on it!]

  11. Robin says:

    Michelle has awesome arms. I want arms like that.

  12. Sybil Law says:


  13. Megan says:

    Thanks for the morning chuckle!

  14. A Lewis says:

    How do you spell Photoshop?

  15. Jennifer says:

    I have to agree with Robin. If I had arms like that I would absolutely show them off.

  16. martymankins says:

    That looks more like a skinny Robin Quivers coming out of the airplane that Michelle Obama.

    I too wish people stop focusing so much on her and being nitpicky and put their focus back on the OctoMom

  17. heather says:

    i ahve to say that i questioned the sleeveless dress – not because of a lack of taste – but just because it wasn’t seasonal. i am still not sure why she was wearing a sleevless dress in february.

    but she is always classy and tasteful.

  18. Avitable says:

    Her street name is Ho-bama.

  19. Finn says:

    My first though when I saw her in a sleeveless dress was, “It’s February. Isn’t she FREEZING?” My second thought was, “Dayum she’s got some fine-looking arms. I want arms like that.”

    1. Why, oh why do we always have to talk about what the First Lady is WEARING? I want to know what she’s DOING?

    2. She’s not an old lady; she shouldn’t have to dress like one.

  20. Twinkie says:

    Please tell me it was an old lady/man that had a problem with the sleeveless dress? I once worked at a place where I was SENT HOME for innappropriate work attire because I had a sleeveless sweater/shirt on. But my boss was old and he also required us to wear nylons or a girdle under our pants because he did not want to see panty lines. Ummm. yeah.

  21. You know that you’re now responsible for that photo being all over the internet and Perez Hilton in the next few days right? 😛

  22. Faiqa says:

    But. We had two women in the last presidential race. So, aren’t we *allowed* to act like a bunch of sexist neanderthals, now?

  23. usedtobeme says:

    Bad synthetic weave! ROFLMFAO! I love you!

  24. annie says:

    She can go sleeveless because she has HOT arms! I mean, even when women our, I mean HER, age have skinny arms, they can get this weird chicken skin effect especially in the winter when they’re not tan. So I’ve heard.
    But she has some beautiful tone and shapely arms. We’re, I mean THEY’re all just jealous.

  25. claire says:

    Considering the Oscars is a black tie event and nearly all the women wear sleeveless, and often strapless, ball gowns which are the accepted standard, I don’t see how sleevelessness can even be an appropriateness issue for the 1st Lady.

    I just figure she’s one of those people with great circulation who doesn’t get cold. And with biceps like that, hell yeah, show ’em off!

  26. stef says:

    ohmigod. tears. just…hilarious.

  27. kapgar says:

    Oh, that picture must have been snapped before she draped the feather boa over her shoulders and donned the handcuff belt. It was downhill from there.

  28. whall says:

    I didn’t know sleeveless dresses were supposed to be so provocative. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on so much!

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