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Bullet Sunday 106

Posted on Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Dave!w00t! Glad to be alive on this Bullet Sunday!

• Death. Ummm... yeah... I nearly died last night. Usually when I have a mysterious allergic reaction to some unknown substance, I start swelling up somewhere... mostly my tongue, hands, or feet. When it's my tongue, I overdoes on Benadryl or Cetirizine to get the swelling to go down faster (sometimes having to crush the pills and shove them into my mouth when the swelling is nasty). Last night when I was woken up, the swelling not only caused my tongue to swell, but the opening to my throat as well. This is particularly bad, because the option of breathing through your nose doesn't work when your throat is constricted. My first reaction was to stab myself with my Epi-Pen but, once I calmed down, I realized that I was getting air. My throat wasn't fully swollen as I had first thought. After taking an overdose of Cetirizine, I went back to bed and meditated in an effort to calm myself down and reduce the amount of oxygen I needed. This worked pretty well, because I fell back asleep. When I woke up four hours later, my throat was back to normal and my tongue was only half-swollen. Since I cannot figure out what is causing this to happen, I guess it's time for another appointment with an allergist. Yay.

• Gay. I've sat down a couple times to write about my extreme disgust over the gross discrimination voted into the Constitution of California by the passing of Prop 8, but always end up screaming obscenities. If "traditional marriage" is so fucking precious to people, why is the divorce rate so high? Why is divorce even allowed? It makes me wonder what's going to be next. How long will it be before gays are segregated on public transportation and forced to use separate bathrooms? How long before we're hearing such absurd crap as "I believe public peeing is the relationship formed by a straight man's penis and a urinal!" I honestly don't know where this country is headed when we can allow such overtly discriminatory legislation to dictate how people are treated in the eyes of the law based solely on an attribute they were born with. And here's where I start screaming obscenities. Again.

• Palin. Let me just say up-front that I thought Sarah Palin was a total joke of a choice by the McCain administration for Vice President. She's almost George Bushian in her total inability to speak in coherent sentences or say anything except sound-bites without sounding like a complete moron. She should have never, ever been selected for that position. But McCain's people wanted to "shake things up" and pander to disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters in the worst possible way, so there she was. That being said, I am absolutely appalled at the way that Sarah Palin is being treated in the press. Even the most ardent Right-wing supporters are suddenly keen to blame Palin for absolutely everything that went wrong with the campaign, up-to-and-including losing the election. That's a load of shit. That's like blaming a television repairman you hired for their inability to fix your toilet. Sarah Palin worked her ass off for the campaign, going wherever they sent her and saying whatever they asked her to say. She did the very best job she could, and blaming her for losing the election or hurting McCain is just stupid. Blame the dumbasses in the campaign who put her up for the position in the first place, because anything else is totally unfair. But that's just the beginning... it's not enough that she's "lost the election," now they're coming out and slamming her for stuff like "not knowing Africa was a continent, not a country." Give me a break. Somebody a lot stupider than Sarah Palin is to be blamed for putting Sarah Palin on the ticket... she's just an easier target, and all this crap is nothing but distraction.

And, on that happy note, it's time for me to take a handful of sleeping pills and go back to bed! Goodnight!

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  1. RW says:

    I think the conversation going on now in the GOP is, as a few news outlets have said, a fight for “the heart and soul” of the party. There’s a power struggle on between two parts of the party, the more moderate section against the more reactionary one. I think there’s going to be more bloodletting, and I think it’s deeper than just whining or petty. Palin is seen as a creature of the Religious Right, and the social moderates are not in her corner. It’s dirty, but probably necessary. Hopefully a more socially moderate evolution occurs, and religion is relegated to the part of politics where it belongs… no where.

  2. Hilly says:

    God, I really hope they fucking figure out what exactly keeps causing your allergies. It scares me to think of you all swollen like that! I’m impressed that you calmed down enough to think rationally though…I would have had a panic attack and then called 911!

    Also, I completely agree with you about Palin. She was their trained monkey and danced the best she could for them…they are the ones that chose her. They should take the blame. Yanno, whoever “they” are…

  3. claire says:

    Best of luck figuring out your allergy, Dave. Waking up unable to breathe is no good at all.

    Regarding Palin, I thought Campbell Brown described the scapegoating really well.

    As for the passage of Prop H8, I oscillate between disbelief and fury.

  4. Danalyn says:

    I wonder how many people pointing fingers at Palin about he Africa thing didn’t know it was a continent until they read the news? A lot of people don’t know this – I went to school with and worked with them. Geography is just not something a lot of people care about.

    Speaking of gay, though, I’m with you on this. I was reading something somewhere (yeah, I know shocker…I read) where people were shocked that we elected Obama, but still pushed Prop 8 through. But some political analysts were saying that because Obama brought a lot of the black community to the polls (a lot of them for the first time, too) it also brought with them the Southern Baptist votes for Prop 8.

    Blind religion scares me. I really should consider moving out of the bible belt.

    Anyway, rambling over. Sorry ’bout that. 😛

  5. Faiqa says:

    Wow. That is a really great point about Palin. I don’t say this often, so cherish it: I never really thought about it that way.

  6. A Lewis says:

    Hey Big D, the swelling in the throat…that’s pretty damned serious, man. I thought you did allergy testing to see what you were allergic to. And the gay gig….a horribly sad commentary on our society. Very dark and sad. As for Palin, she’s light and an airhead! Teeheehee

  7. Wow. I hope you’re ok. Yes, back to the allergist for you.

    The whole Prop 8 (and those like them in other states) decision is truly disheartening to me. I was so pleased that Obama won last week and then so disappointed to read about Prop 8. One thing I’d *love* to know from those so against same sex marriage is what difference do they think it will make to their lives if same sex marriage is allowed? What exactly do they think will change? Truly mind boggling.

  8. Sue says:

    Yeah… we’ve already legalized and abolished segregation, but this felt like a kick in the stomach to me. Have faith and hope that some day they will change their minds.

  9. ajooja says:

    I hope you can finally get somewhere with the allergist.

    I read somewhere the California Supreme Court is trying to stop the gay marriage ban from making it to the Constitution. I haven’t heard anything in the past few days but I hope they can.

  10. ChillyWilly says:

    I really hope you can find out what new item(s) you have an allergic reaction to. Please don’t let it be pudding…

    On Prop 8 passing, I really am not sure what it is that these supporters want, other than to protect marriage from the gays. They are willing to let them have civil unions, they are willing to extend visitation rights… and a lot more, but not marriage. What the hell is it about marriage that makes it so exclusionary? It’s almost as if it’s ok to give GLBT all of the rights, with the exception of this one. It seems so backwards. Like they are bending over backwards to not repeat history with the blacks, but then falling over themselves, patting each other on the backs when they want to extend rights, but calling it something else. I guess I will never know what makes people like that tick.

  11. Lee says:

    Near death experience. 🙁 That must have been terrifying.

    Prop 8. I honestly believe there are some issues, like civil rights, which should not be left up to the voting public. Not because people are generally stupid (though, sometimes they are), but because there issues about which the law should lead, not follow.

    It will be interesting to see if this loss produces soul searching in the Republican party. The Democratic Party took long enough to get itself together. Just as the Democrats bashing of Nader in 2000 completely missed the point, beating up on Palin isn’t going to get Republicans anywhere. Palin is a symptom of much bigger problems.

  12. Avitable says:

    I agree with you re: Palin. I think she was a major reason that McCain lost the election; however, McCain’s camp doesn’t have the right to accuse her of being the problem. Dragging her through the mud just shows how blatantly they were lying to the American people about her qualifications as a candidate. I feel bad for her.

  13. Mooselet says:

    Maybe a different allergist would be better for you if the first one couldn’t figure it out and sooner rather than later. The swelling is only going to get worse, and I’m worried for you.

    The passing of Prop 8 makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t understand people who are so small minded that they feel someone’s sexuality will somehow impact on their insignificant lives.

    Blaming Palin for the resounding defeat is simplistic and if that’s their reasoning then it will be a long time before the Republican Party stands a chance of being taken seriously.

  14. margalit says:

    It is unfair and incorrect to blame the entire country for the asshats in California that voted for Prop 8. Might I remind you that both MA and CT have legal same sex marriage, that VT allows sale sex unions, as does NY and ME. In fact, if you got you head out of the fallacy of CA being the most liberal, most diverse, most wonderfulist place in the entire world (with good weather too) you would not be surprised at how this vote turned out. Just a peek on the map shows you that there are two enclaves of liberalism in the state, the Bay area and SoCA. Otherwise you’re dealing with rabidly conservative people who hate the idea of homosexuality because it interferes with their religious beliefs.

    There are PLENTY of people and PLENTY Of places that are welcoming of same sex relationships. Just because you choose NOT to live in one doesn’t give you the right to come down on the whole country. Those of us living peacefully in states that EMBRACE same-sex marriage are kind of tired of hearing that the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket because of California. May they all rot in peace.

  15. Dave2 says:

    Gee Margalit, usually one must enter the political arena to see this kind of hypocrisy… are you running for office or something?

    So let me get this straight… you feel perfectly comfortable calling the Republican party racist on your blog. Then, when somebody calls bullshit on such a statement, you toss up “proof” by way of numbers and percentages which in no way illuminate WHY somebody voted the way they did, just how they voted (“THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!”). Then, because you’re a “Jewish Disabled Woman,” you declare that you FEEL these things more than “you white folk” and decide that your absurd statements are the final word on the matter, so you close comments. Then you update the entry with more inflammatory remarks that apparently encompass the entire Republican party in your demented opinion, but keep comments closed because you’re “done.” But not before you tell me that I’m trying to make excuses based on data-points that ONLY come from my own life in Eastern Washington (which you slammed with being “not exactly a hotbed of inclusiveness,” as if the insult made your points any more valid).

    Are you shitting me?!?

    First of all, civil unions are not the same as marriage. ME, VT, and NH may have civil unions offering similar benefits of “real” marriage, but have literal statute which BANS actual same-sex marriage. And while New York law doesn’t prohibit same-sex marriage, they only seem to recognize foreign same-sex marriages… you can’t wander into the courthouse and get a same-sex marriage license in New York. Since I’m discussing Prop 8 here, which is specific to marriage, it doesn’t make sense to toss in states which ban or don’t actually offer same-sex marriages (regardless of what other nice carrots they dangle in front of the gay populace).

    Second of all, as for my “fallacy”… I’m not just talking about California. The passing of Prop 8 in that state is just one more in a series of twenty-six states which have constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, and nineteen more which define marriage as “union of man and women” (and probably more… who knows after this last election).

    Now, there are many ways I could go with this. But let’s take the Margalit Approach, shall we? Let’s throw up some percentages!

    You are absolutely correct. Connecticut and Massachusetts allow same-sex marriages and recognize them fully under the law (so far as I know). The estimated 2007 population of those two states is 3,502,309 and 6,449,755 respectively. The population of The United States of America is estimated at 305,619,000. This basically boils down to a little over 3% of the total population “embracing same-sex marriage.” Yes. Three fucking percent of the population. That’s what you call PLENTY of people?

    But you were totally grinding my ass over places too, so let’s look at that. Connecticut and Massachusetts have a total land area of 5,543 and 10,555 square miles. The total land area of The United States of America is 3,794,066 square miles. Which means those two tiny states don’t even amount to a half of a percent of the total USA land area. Tell you what… let’s say that 100% of Connecticut and Massachusetts are inhabitable, but only 20% of the land area in the entire USA is inhabitable. That’s being extremely generous, but I’m a generous guy. That works out to a revised number of 758,813 square miles total land area, of which Connecticut and Massachusetts amount to 2%. Yes. Two fucking percent of the total inhabitable land area. That’s what you call PLENTY of places?

    Hmmm… so 97% of the people and 98% of the inhabitable land area (going by STATE, which is your argument here, not mine) gets me lambasted for saying “I honestly don’t know where this country is headed”… and yet it’s perfectly okay for you to use lesser percentages to make your judgement against the entire Republican party? And your numbers aren’t even directly attributable to your argument!


    So you can save your sanctimonious bullshit and not-so-thinly-veiled insults to everybody living outside of your perfect little nirvana in Massachusetts… it’s impossible for me to take them seriously given the heinous generalizations and self-righteous venom you have no problem spewing over at your own blog.

    And, for the record, I have the “right” to say whatever the hell I want to say on my blog, just as you do on yours. Don’t tell me I have no right to come down on the whole country, especially when you do it ALL THE TIME. Talk about taking data-points ONLY from the area you live, I bow to the fucking queen.

    For the sake of future argument, when people living in the unenlightened state of Washington want to make generalizations… even when overwhelmingly supported by the percentages… do they have to get permission from everybody in Massachusetts, or can they just get your blessing directly? And, if so, do you provide a ladder to climb that pedestal you’re standing on?

    Now I guess I should just close comments, since I am completely uninterested in hearing anything you might have to say in response. Isn’t that the way it works?

  16. Sybil Law says:

    I am so glad things worked out for you! That’s really scary!
    Prop. 8 just makes me angry, too. I can’t believe how sickening people are in this day and age. I want to scream about it, so I’ve also not said too much on the topic. I agree with you, though. Well said!
    Palin – you’re totally right, of course, but I do think she’s the main reason I wouldn’t have voted for McCain, anyway. (Not that I planned to, but it was such an obvious attempt for the Hillary voters it made me sick.) Still – damn, she’s dumb. 😛

  17. yellojkt says:

    The Palin point is good. My analogy is that if a baseball manager calls up a minor league pitcher and she walks three batters and then beans the fourth, is it her fault or the fault of the dumb-ass manager for calling up to the big leagues before she is ready?

  18. Danalyn says:

    You’re so sexy when you get annoyed.

  19. Hilly says:

    I’m sorry but I take offense to someone saying “may they all rot in peace” when talking about Californians. I’m not going to offer up numbers or statistics or any of that other bullshit. I don’t need to have anything to support me when I say this: what a shitty shitty shitty thing to say.

  20. Jeff says:

    Wow Dave, those allergies are scary shit! I’m glad you’re ok!

  21. I say you right the post about Prop 8. Screaming and cussing and all. I would enjoy it.

    Oh, and? I read your Twitter posts before this post. And scared myself shitless when you talked about nearly dying and I didn’t know the whole story. DON’T DO THAT TO ME!!!!

    Glad your throat is better and sorry the doctors gave you a vague answer.

  22. Avitable says:

    Dave, I’m totally humping your leg next time I see you. That was beautiful.

  23. Dave2 says:



  24. I didn’t know Sarah Palin was gay.

    Wait maybe I read that wrong…

  25. ETinNY says:

    You didn’t throw in the fact Florida and Arizona banned gay marriages on the same day, too…….

    BTW I’m humping the other leg

  26. Iron Fist says:

    Duuuude… feel better. Your mystery allergies suck and I hope they go away.

  27. Sue says:

    Well you’ve already got people humping your legs, but I say that that was gorgeous, Dave, vividly gorgeous! I love you even more now. Wow. Bravo!

    I agree with Hilly, what a very shitty thing for that girl to say. Whatever argument she may have had was completely demolished by her demeanor.

  28. walt says:


    Hope the allergies disappear for good! It sounds like some scary shit happening.

    Ugh, the Palin thing is incredible. I have never seen so many people turn on one of their own so fast. I think they are totally shafting her to prevent her from ever running for anything again, and two to save McCain face to run again in four years. I don’t care who you are, after seeing this display you’d have to think twice about being the republican VP candidate in 2012. They’ve gone after her like they did Clinton! Idiot or not, like you said, they put her in that spot and it was very transparent why she was there from day one.

    Also nice job dealing with the crazy lady. Her meds must have not arrived by mail as scheduled.

    Best wishes and hope your feeling better!


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