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Bullet Sunday 90

Posted on Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Dave!I survived my trip back from Atlanta. And, though I am happy to be home, a part of me kind of wishes I hadn't left. Anyway... welcome to a special FAIL! edition of Bullet Sunday!

• Sleep FAIL! No matter how hard I try or how many pills I take, sleep still seems to elude me. This wouldn't be a big deal, except it makes getting through the day on 3-4 hours sleep incredibly difficult. My change from Eastern to Pacific time isn't helping matters.

• iPhone FAIL! Just before Davelanta was due to begin, Beth and Kevin took me to the Atlanta institution known as "The Varsity," (the largest drive-in restaurant in the world) so I could have a yummy frosty orange beverage. It was then I noticed that the camera on my iPhone no longer worked. In fact, NO photo related app on my iPhone worked (including both installed and 2nd party apps). After several restarts and reinstalls, it still doesn't work. I didn't have plans to upgrade to the iPhone 3G, but it looks like I might not have a choice.

• Spam FAIL! The latest trend in comment spam? Copying somebody else's previously approved comment and working your website links into the text. This way, your comment looks legitimate, because it actually pertains to the blog entry. Of course, since I read every one of my comments and manually approve them, I know immediately if it's a spam-infused duplicate. BANNED! DELETE! All of the IP addresses of the commenters are coming from India, but link to US websites, which means this kind of lame behavior is somebody's job?! Lovely.

• Survey FAIL! How interesting. The smokey first hotel that I was staying at in Georgia sent me an email asking me to take a survey on my visit. As there was no "EPIC FAIL" option, I decided to take a pass. Since the place was totally packed whenever I drove by, the problem obviously isn't with the hotel, but with me.

• Twitter FAIL! I've drastically cut my usage of Twitter over the past couple weeks, because I'm tired of disappointment. The API which my Twitter apps use to read/update (both on my iPhone and at home) has been broken a lot (what else is new?) making it more frustrating than fun. About the only thing that seems to be getting through on a regular basis are the tired old "I UPDATED MY BLOG" messages, which are often posted two and three times a day. Hopefully Twitter gets this all sorted out before I drop the service completely.

Alrighty then... time to futilely attempt to get some sleep in my 100-degree bedroom. Maybe I'll get lucky and pass out from the heat?

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  1. delmer says:

    Not long ago I received a survey from a very large software company (not Microsoft). They wanted to know my opinions of their service following the resolution they provided to one of my problems.

    I pointed out that their “resolution” had been to hang up on me and that had not really met my needs.

    They are still a very large software company. So, maybe, the problem was with me.

  2. Avitable says:

    Is your iPhone still under warranty?

  3. Winter says:

    The repeat “I updated my blog” posts on Twitter are more of a Twitterfeed issue than a Twitter issue. Even when Twitterfeed is supposed to send out a notice ONLY if the post is new… it appears to be sending repeatedly. It does that with photos a lot. Maybe it’s failing because Twitter is. You’d think someone could come up with something that works right. Glad Davelanta wasn’t a bust!

  4. Beth says:

    iPhone still not working?? That sucks!! I wish you had never left, too! I need someone to eat Pizza with, Kevin is too healthy for that nonsense.

  5. Tug says:

    I can’t believe that there are still hotels that allow smoking…I thought that was done away with long ago.

  6. tbfka hcg says:

    What are you taking to sleep? I have the opposite problem of not being able to stay awake (sorry) and Provigil seems to help.

    Have you taken a sleep test?

  7. Jeff says:

    I went camping this past weekend and got no sleep at all Friday night. Saturday night, though, I was asleep by sundown. The secret: I drank myself silly on vodka and whisky.

  8. Whitenoise says:

    Dave, if I could offer some advice as a guy who’s perpetually jet-lagged… stay away from the sleeping pills. They never make you feel rested even if you manage that groggy, semi-sleep.

    Go ahead, toss ‘n turn, it won’t kill you. If you can’t sleep- get up, read a book, surf the net. If you can get two hours of sleep per night- you can function, everything else is gravy.

    Try to get a micronap in during the day- you know the kind- where you feel like you’re not even asleep, just hallucinating… Those have amazing restorative powers.

    Exercise. All of your hotels should have fitness rooms. You don’t have to kill yourself, but a good sweat will make you feel better and your body will want sleep later in the day.

    Hope you get some rest…

  9. karla says:

    About Twitter: I think it is fun but I am getting so tired of those “I updated my blog” posts. It just seems like such a waste of twitter space, I don’t get the point. To me twitter should be snarky comments, little poems and fun vignettes of life, not “Check out my post of today”. Grrr…..

    Sorry about your iPhone, and the catastrophic lack of sleep. That would suck bigtime.

  10. Sorry, hon. If you do upgrade to the iPhone 3G, could you make a quick trip back to Atlanta so that I can have a few moments alone with the phone for fondling and heavy petting? Thanks! 🙂

  11. Iron Fist says:

    Hey, I updated my blog! Check it out!

  12. Staci says:

    this is pretty much my new favorite blog. and i’m methodically working through your archive posts….

  13. ChillyWilly says:

    3rd party Twitter apps have had issues the last few weeks. For almost 2 weeks, Twitterrific didn’t work at all.. no new tweets… nothing. Then one day, I tried it again, and it started working.

    It’s days like those that I wish either Twitter worked better or there were more people I knew on Pownce.

  14. Jeff says:

    @ ChillyWilly RE: Pownce

    That is exactly my sentiment, too.

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