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Posted on Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Dave!I've been so overwhelmed lately that I'm having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what things I should be focusing on. As a result, I keep shifting from one task to another, getting a lot done... but not getting anything finished. One particular task has been dragging out all week, which is making travel arrangements for my upcoming trips. Each day I've been taking a few minutes to shop for airfare. This has been an almost heartbreaking endeavor, because all the prices are outrageously high. On average, I'm finding fares DOUBLE what they were just a year ago. As more airlines go bankrupt and the survivors keep cutting flights, I can only guess things are going to get much, much worse.

But today was the day I promised myself I would at least get June and August booked, so I've spent my evening trying to do just that.


I am blowing through my travel budget at record speed, and I haven't even booked my hotels and rental cars yet.

And what about my trips for the rest of the year?

If the prices keep going up, what will a flight cost come November and December?

And so... I've started maxing out my credit card to book all my trips where I'm confident the dates won't change. In the past four hours I've spent close to $4000, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I shudder to think what the damage will be by the time I'm finished. And that's just the trips I know... there are at least a half-dozen that I'm going to have to take, but don't yet have dates. Heaven only knows what the fare will be by the time I get that figured out. I just hope none of the airlines I'm booking with will go bankrupt before my flight. What happens then?

For somebody who has to travel a lot, this is pretty much a nightmare come true.

And what new horrors will tomorrow bring?

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  1. Avitable says:

    That’s crazy. Why don’t you just go ahead and invent teleporter technology so we can just start using that?

  2. martin says:

    Dave, The whole world seems to be in meltdown. Here in France it is the same. Everything is going up and up……it is shitty.

  3. Neil T. says:

    I don’t know what credit laws are like in the US, but generally if you buy something in the UK on a credit card, and the company goes bust before you receive your goods, you are more likely to get your money bank than you were if you paid in cash or with a debit card. I think it’s partly down to a slightly bizarre but highly useful proviso in one of the consumer credit acts that makes UK credit card companies jointly liable for transactions over £100 – in other words, if something goes wrong and you can’t sue the company that sold you the goods, you can sue your card issuer.

    This is why I always buy things that cost more than £100 on my credit card 🙂

  4. Miss Britt says:

    For some reason, I always assumed that work was paying the bulk of your travel expenses. This sucks!

  5. Robin says:

    And don’t forget, all airlines are charging for a second checked bag and some are charging for the first checked bag. Yikes!

  6. Willo says:

    So I’m new here … but why is it you travel so much? If it’s work related … wouldn’t that be a job expense and not a personal one?

    Must be fun to travel to all sorts of places!

  7. metalmom says:

    I fly alot too, but I think pot costs a lot less than plane fares.

  8. whall says:

    What, I bought 8 decks already!

  9. Beth says:

    Just speed up your world domination plan and make everyone come to YOU. But, PLEASE don’t cut out Atlanta – Kevin said I could work the streets to help offset some of your expenses.

  10. ChillyWilly says:

    Avitable has the right idea. Most of us already carry around some sort of iPhone/smartphone/pda/iPod… adding a teleporter shouldn’t be that much more.

    Do you not get expensed for your work-related travel?

  11. sandra says:

    I hear you on this one. I’m trying to only fly for personal travel on miles (see: free) — but when that’s not possible, it’s EXPENSIVE.

  12. John says:

    Budget fares are history at least for the foreseeable future and flights are being cut left and right. Have we come full circle back to 1968 when air travel was a luxury for the affluent, coat and tie was proper attire, and airline food was actually good?. Mmm, nah. It’s just going to cost a LOT more to fly with fewer places to fly TO.

  13. Suzy says:

    AOL home page yesterday, all airfares have doubled in price for non-stop flights. American Airlines automatically charges for ALL checked bags and they’re convinced all the other airlines will soon follow.

  14. Transportation costs suck. Major. Ass. Just the other day I pondered if it would be worth the time and effort to get the bus to and from work. But then I realized that the mass transit system here in Phoenix blows so there’d be walking and changing buses involved. In the winter that would be ok but in July/August not so much.

  15. Karl says:

    Yeah, the airfares are freaking killing me. I started pricing things yesterday for next month’s trip to California. Ugh.

  16. shari says:

    Ow. Makes the charm of our little valley somewhat less charming, eh? I hate it when the people you have to fight don’t fight fare. Good luck finding better deals.

  17. nicole McDowell says:

    lovely i have to book tickets back to northern ireland for october now you have me nervous to even book them!! oh well what’s Mr. Mastercard and Mrs. Visa for if not reuniting me to my homeland 😀

  18. Winter says:

    I saw shades of the gas rationing of the 70’s yesterday at the pump. A 10 cent discount on price if you paid CASH. I paid $4.25 instead of $4.35 by using greenbacks. It’s scary how bad things are everywhere right now. I feel for those of you who to travel a lot. I’m just sticking close to home and doing all my travel on the internet.

  19. annie says:

    “And what new horrors will tomorrow bring?”

    Ooo! I can answer that! Higher gas prices!

    Ding-ding-ding! I win!

  20. claire says:

    Uf. That really sucks. Remember to factor in your credit card interest as part of the cost if you can’t pay it all off when your next bill comes.

  21. diane says:

    I must be the only person out there who has not had trouble finding flights for a reasonable price of late. Maybe it’s just because I live in Chicago? *shrugs*

  22. Jesse says:

    So you basically blew $4000 in a night? Dare I ask how much your salary rounds off to?

    Oh, and peoples’ comments are all f’ed up, if you hadn’t noticed…

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