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Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2008

Dave!I thought it would be funny to wear makeup for my video entry yesterday... implying that I went to Mother's Day brunch in goth-face (which, of course, I didn't).

After I had recorded the video, I scrubbed all the makeup off my face and went on with my life.

Then this morning as I was brushing my teeth, I noticed something odd. The lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara were gone, but the eye-liner was still there. So I washed again. But it didn't go away. Scrubbing made some progress, but it was also painful.

So I went to work with eye-liner on.

I guess this means the joke was on me.

DAVETOON! Lil' Dave with heavy black eye-liner holding up a sign that says 'insane'.


I totally think I can pull off wearing eye-liner now!

Next up?

I am going to start wearing a cape!

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  1. iddly says:

    Be sure to select clean underpants when you put them on over your pants 🙂

  2. Colin Brooks says:

    I guess it’s hard to get out. I had the same problem too, it took like a day for it to go away completely. And what do you mean “scrubbing”? Don’t do that to your eyelids! Dude! Ouch!

    Next time, if there will be a next time, just use eye make-up remover pads and if it doesn’t go away at first then wait a couple of hours and try it again.

    Did anyone notice the eye-liner?

  3. adena says:

    Well, see…the thing is….Eyeliner is impossible to get off w/o make-up remover.

    And, you’ve already got like HUGE eyes sans make-up, so I can only imagine how you must’ve looked to your co-workers w/ man-liner still on! *snort*

    (But, don’t feel too bad. Depeche Mode rocked…and still rocks…the make-up, remember?! You’re in good company.)

  4. Amanda says:

    You’re so goth. Maybe you should grab some eye make up remover next time you’re at the store. Just in case.

  5. Mary Dawn says:

    if you’re going to start wearing guyliner, you’ll need to get some of this:,GGIC:1970–2,GGIC:en&um=1

    black eye boogies are not cute

  6. jake titus says:

    O.K. Beatlejuice.

  7. PocketCT says:

    Oh hooray! I got to watch the beginning of the transformation of Dave into a superhero. Time to go save the world. New improved! Now with kohl embellishments..

  8. yellojkt says:

    Get the eyeliner permatattoo-ed like Tammy Faye Baker. That would rock!

  9. Turnbaby says:

    LOLOLOL Two questions–Did you borrow the goods or buy them? Did you not check to see whether they were waterproof?

  10. serap says:

    All the coolest blokes wear eyeliner Dave, so you are in good company!

    ps. try dipping a cotton bud into a creamy make-up remover (if you don’t have any, just use moisturiser)… makes for more precise eye make-up removal!

  11. Avitable says:

    Ooh, a cape!

    Did you see the 30 Rock from a few weeks ago where Dr. Spaceman randomly had his own cape on? It was awesome.

  12. Mooselet says:

    Usually it’s the mascara that’s the hardest to get off. Interesting. I’d like to see a picture of you in a cape with just the eyeliner. The rest of the outfit would be optional.

  13. kapgar says:

    Not a cape. You should start wearing grillz on your teeth!

  14. Tobi says:

    yeah, you need actual makeup remover to get that shit off. Maybe you should pick some up, you know, for next time.

  15. Classified Info says:

    Heh, why the heck did you even put it on anyway? You should of expected that, eye line is pretty tough to remove.

  16. Wow, the eyeliner didn’t come off, but the mascara did? That’s unusual. Next time, and never do this more than once, use vaseline and it will take it off. I wouldn’t expect you to have makeup remover around, so you can use vaseline. the problem with vaseline is that it clogs up the pores around your eyes, so don’t use it often.

    I doubt you would anyway. 😉

  17. diane says:

    I just want to know what kind of eyeliner you used. If it held up that well, I may need to change brands! 😉

  18. Miss Britt says:

    Can you please share what kind of eyeliner you used? I can’t get mine to stay ON.

  19. Poppy says:

    Could you please wear a cape when you visit NYC?

  20. ChillyWilly says:

    So now that we have determined you are morphing into a superhero, you need to pick a name. Have a blogging contest where us, the commenting community pick a name.

    Super Dave is always taken by this guy, even though he’s a comedian and not a superhero.

  21. nicole says:

    but a cape is just the beginning, next it will be tights, and then its hiding the tights and cape under normal clothing and randomly at events you will start to take your cloths off and screaming “hush people in trouble Super-Dave is coming to help” and thats the morning you forgot to put the super suit on and your naked and there’s police oh it’s just to tragic to go on with.

  22. Christie says:


    I Love capes. I really do wish people would start wearing them

  23. Kevin H says:

    Don’t worry about it – as a previous thesbian, eye liner was forced to be put on me. It comes off in a few months…

  24. Hilly says:

    Oooooh, eyeliner and a cape….you could join the Cam ;).

    Seriously though, make-up remover, which has been said 37.5 times already. I have no originality today.

  25. Naomi says:

    Next time you get that goth urge but want to appear respectable the next morning: A little smidge of shampoo works 100 times better than eye make-up remover, isn’t greasy and costs less. And no one will wonder why *you* have eye make-up remover next to your after-shave…

    Or you could say you got in a bar fight–instandtly upping your machismo–providing you tell everyone the other guy’s face looks TOTALLY worse.

  26. I can always spot the cross-dressers around town and in business, because for whatever reason, even if you DO get off all the make-up your face just doesn’t look exactly right for a few days after.

  27. Finn says:

    You can totally pull off eyeliner, I just know it. But a picture? That would be SWEET.

  28. Q-tips and some gentle eye make-up remover are what you need. Eyeliner can stay on for ages. I think a cape would be fabulous.

  29. Ian says:

    This happened to me many years ago. Tres embarrassing to have it pointed out by someone at work. I didn’t even know. Ooops!

    She gave me a tissue with a dollop of lotion on it. The eyeliner rubbed right off.

    You do have lotion and tissue right? On the nightstand?! Ha! Just kidding. : )

  30. Dave2 says:

    Okay… THAT made me laugh out loud for real.

  31. Oh yes, a cape would complete the ensemble.

  32. Delmer says:

    Totally. Pulling. It. Off.

    (And that will only be modestly funny if you’ve seen last night’s “How I Met Your Mother.”

  33. Dave2 says:

    Which, of course I have. 🙂

    What’s odd is that I wrote this BEFORE HIMYM aired!

  34. Penelope says:

    Oooh a cape! Sir Super-Dave! I know a squillion people already said it but learn to use a decent make-up remover if you’re going to wear make-up! You may want to cleanse/tone/moisturise too, seeing as you’re getting into this in a big way ;o)

  35. Winter says:

    It’s a very good look for you, the eyeliner. Although, as I said on twitter, makeup does not make the man.

  36. Suzy says:

    Dude, even dead people get eyeliner before they’re buried. So to say it looks good on everyone is an understatement.

  37. Shelli says:

    Now I know why you liked the eye make-up remover wipes. Duh. Silly me, I should read the blog before I ask stupid questions.

  38. lizriz says:

    I loved the makeup and the vlog. You were definitely pulling that look off. 🙂

  39. Jacki says:

    I know that the shop only opened the other day, but I am prepared to make an early call.

    Can this cartoon be considered for next year’s shirt design?

  40. Tracy Lynn says:

    Suzy is right, dude. Although if you were to start wearing a cape, I feel it would bring you one giant step closer to Davetopia.

  41. Etienne says:

    Eye makeup? I thought the insomnia circles under your eyes had gone full circuit. Whew!

  42. Jemma says:

    Try using oil to remove the eyeliner next time.
    Baby, corn, vegetable even saffron usually will work. What won’t work is scrubbing, especially if it’s “waterproof”. Or better yet use Maybelline (Velvet Black is always an appropriate choice!) since it is easily removed with soap and water and if there is any residue left, lotion or shaving cream will make it go away.

    And the next time you need/want to take your Gran out for a bite, try the Applewood Grill (down by the tracks in the old Spaghetti Factory building at the bottom of First Street) they make an awesome BLT with avacado and sprouts (tell them to leave the B out though, LOL) and try a Purple Hooter with it.

    It’s kind of “Yuppish” but they have good food and the wine/beer and booze menus are lovely.

  43. kilax says:

    I can’t figure out how to get it off either, and I wear it everyday.

  44. Lexi says:

    Meh, I got nuthin’ witty to say.

    Baby oil on a cotton ball should do the trick, tho…although…I’m with Britt…wtf kind was it? Mine rubs off in 1/2 hour.

  45. Patty says:

    I’ll admit I was a bit perplexed at you in the goth makeup. I did figure you prob. didn’t see your mom while in makeup….unless she gets a kick out of that sort of thing. ha. Been to Leavenworth area and that would get a lot of attention, no?
    How did you like having the makeup on? Sucks to be a girl and wear that stuff everyday. Count yourself lucky.

  46. Talena says:

    Come to Portland, no one would even look twice!

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