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Bullet Sunday 82

Posted on Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Dave!It's a Three-Day Weekend Edition of Bullet Sunday here at Blogography!

• Meerkats. I am blogging early today, because there's a new Meerkat Manor Movie on Animal Planet Network tonight! A friend got me hooked on the show, which is like a really raunchy soap opera... but with cute furry animals instead of Joan Collins or J.R. Ewing. Sex, violence, betrayal, revenge, humor, life, death... Meerkat Manor has it all. This movie is supposed to go back to the beginning of the series to show how the meerkat Flower became leader of her tribe...

Cute little meerkats standing in the desert.

• Trainer. As I was pulling out the instruction booklet for my Epi-Pens, a plastic tube fell out. Wondering what it could be, I studied the label and found out it was a "Auto-Injector Training Device." Apparently, you are supposed to use it to practice stabbing yourself so you'll be ready if you should ever have to stab yourself with adrenaline for reals. To which I can only say "Oh hell no!" But then I stabbed a pillow with it and found out there's no needle inside, so now I'm having fun "stabbing" myself with it. I am so easily entertained.

• Karled. Thanks to Karl for having me on his Secondhand Radio show earlier today! The hour went by way too quickly, but you can catch it from the BlogTalk Radio archives here. Since time was tight, I didn't have time to pop up links to all the things we talked about, so here we go...

• Ordered. Pre-orders at the Artificial Duck Co. store will be ending Wednesday, May 28th of this coming week. I will order some extra hats and shirts to have on hand, but if you want to be sure of getting something you want, please order or email me with what you want so I can be sure I'll have it. I'm ordering plenty of extra playing cards, so those should be in stock for quite a while.

And that's all she wrote for now... because it's meerkat time...

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  1. Jordan says:

    I had to get an epi-pen when they determined that I was allergic to both shellfish, cayenne/red peppers, and grapes. When the expiration date on the first one ran out, I grabbed an apple and auto-injected it.

    I can never inject that thing in me. I’ll drive to the hospital myself first. The needle’s the size of a straight pin, and it fires out crazy-fast.

  2. Winter says:

    You were great on Karl’s show! It was nice to hear about your travels. A great change of pace for the show. Oh, and all the talk about your tiara in the chatroom was HILARIOUS! I laughed sooooo hard!

  3. Karl says:

    Thanks for being on the show, Dave. Had a blast. I’m way behind on the meerkat craze. As in I’ve never watched an episode.

  4. sizzle says:

    My cat Dash sits up like a Meerkat. It’s funny and kinda freaky.

  5. Meerkat Manor is a cool show. I haven’t watched it in ages, though. We were so sad when the one meerkat died…which one was it again? It was one of the females, right?

  6. Penelope says:

    Meerkat Manor is one of the best wildlife shows on TV! I have cried so often during this series.

  7. Yeah, pretend injections. You can start a panic!

  8. Stacey says:

    I always wondered why they give you those trainer epi-pens until I worked in child care and had to learn how to use one. Apparently you’d be surprised how many panicking parents stab there own damn fingers instead of correctly injecting their children.

  9. Hilly Sue says:

    It was a great and very informative show! Please erase the professionalism of it all from your mind and prepare for my show….which will be all kinds of different. You’ve been warned. πŸ˜‰

  10. karla says:

    Aw, you talked about me? Shucks. I’m honored.

    Um, you did say NICE things, right?

    (downloading episode now.)

  11. Dave2 says:

    Jordan… If I don’t think I’m going to be able to breath, I think I could get past my fear of needles!

    Winter… Thanks! Karl made it easy. πŸ™‚

    Karl… The Merkats are addictive! You won’t be able to watch just one!

    Sizzle… That would make him a meerCAT!

    BlondeBlogger… Lots of poor little meerkats get killed. The people who film the show are forbidden to interfere. Sad indeed.

    Penelope… It’s easy to get attached to the little guys when the show works so hard to attribute human traits to their lives… and gives them names!

    Guru… Only if everybody else doesn’t realize that it’s fake. πŸ™‚

    Stacey… I guess that could happen if you held it up-side down? Scary.

    Hilly-Sue… Duly noted!

    Karla… Always. πŸ™‚

  12. Chad says:

    I looked at your travel map and now hate you. Not that I will stop reading your blog, but I’ll do it in a resentful, spite filled way. Sigh.

  13. I love watching Meerkat Manor. I just clicked the link to watch the preview. It’s weird watching Meerkat Manor with a female voice! Our version over hear is obviously Voice Overed ! Never thought of that before !

  14. Mocha says:

    Please tell me why I cry at Meerkat Manor. I need to know. Sure, like you said, it has it all but I can’t take the cuteness and community they have! Pass me a tissue.

  15. Mad William says:

    Enjoyed the show. You might need your own.

  16. Carl says:

    I wonder how long it will be before Janet, the estranged jealous type Meerkat, gets drunk and sleeps with Steve, the stud of the show, and gets in a brawl with Steve’s girlfriend Sally Meerkat… oh shit this could go on forever.

    Love the cards mate, I ordered two decks πŸ˜€ Great idea, and I love the ‘stories’ on them. Brilliant

  17. Michelle says:

    I love Meerkat Manor. I didn’t really care for the movie though. A little to sentimental and I just don’t feel they did a very good job with it. And Whoopi as the narrator about put me to sleep. I was really looking forward to it too.

  18. Kailey says:

    I love Meerkat Manor, although I haven’t a watched it in over a year at this point. I’ll have to check out the movie.

  19. brandon says:

    that was an informative show. in the next 3 weeks i have trips to salt lake, denver and philly/dc. i wish i had been around to ask if you have ever flown facing backwards on one of those southwest flights, and if so, what are the pros/cons.

  20. sandra says:

    Two things:

    1. My 5th grade teacher was obsessed with Meerkats. I know way too much about them and the Titanic (her other obsession). I must see this show.

    2. Oddly, I am not afraid of needles but am afraid of doctors. Just a random Sandra-quirk.

  21. oh how i love the meerkats! even if they can make me cry.

    sorry i missed the show. i’ll catch it in the archives…

  22. i spent entirely too much money ordering from your store, but i am terribly excited for the photos (as well as everything else i ordered).

    “best friends” will make a terrific birthday present for my favorite almost 3 year old.

    loved the store. well done.

  23. ChillyWilly says:

    To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen Meerkat Manor. I know I’ve passed by it while flipping channels, but haven’t stopped for an entire episode. I will have to add it to my list of shows to watch.

    BTW, placed my Dave Stuff order today. I made sure to get 4 decks of cards.

  24. Ah, the EpiPen… Glad you’re practicing. Maybe now you won’t end up driving yourself to the ER after stabbing yourself in the middle finger with it like I did… Seriously though, I hope your allergist gets to the bottom of this stuff quickly so you can avoid needing to use that thing – EVER!

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