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Bullet Sunday 69

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2008

Dave!Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it's actually Monday... but it's a holiday Monday, which means it's almost like a Sunday. Kind of.

• Hoff... Managed to watch the new Knight Rider made-for-TV-movie last night. As one of my favorite shows from the 80's, I was both nervous and excited to see how they were going to handle the material. What they got right was not starting over from scratch, but instead making this show a continuation of the original series. I also enjoyed the cast, the cameo by David Hasselhoff, the new and improved abilities of K.I.T.T., and the overall storyline. What they got wrong... very, very, very wrong... was the voice of the car. The original K.I.T.T. (masterfully voiced by William Daniels) was a sarcastic bastard, who let his self-perceived superiority complex drip off of every word. Val Kilmer as the new K.I.T.T. just sounded bored. In all fairness, this might not be his fault... the guy is a talented actor who is probably just reading his lines as directed... but it really killed the show for me. Why the fuck didn't they just bring back Daniels? Oh well. The entire show was just a giant Ford commercial with Ford commercials inside the Ford commercials... so maybe product placement and ad revenue was what the showrunners really cared about...

New K.I.T.T.

• XP... I've run across more than a couple grassroots movements attempting to save Windows XP from being dropped by Microsoft. Given how badly XP's successor, Windows Vista, COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY SUCKS ASS... I am 100% behind this effort. XP may not be pretty, but at least it actually works for those times I need a Windows machine. Here's hoping that Microsoft bothers to listen.

• Heaven... While my friend Perry and I were mucking about in Poland a couple weeks ago, we took a taxi driven by an 80-year-old driver who didn't speak much English. As he was barreling down the streets of Warsaw, a song came blasting on the radio that sounded familiar, but neither Perry or I could place it. Thinking I could look it up later, I jotted down some of the lyrics in my iPhone and promptly forgot about it. Eventually I happened upon my notes and Googled to discover that the song was "(Feels Like) Heaven" by Fiction Factory. Not finding anything on the iTunes Music Store (FOR SHAME!) I downloaded some tracks off BitTorrent and liked what I heard. This led me to order their CD, Throw The Warped Wheel Out, which finally arrived today. Oh how I love rediscovering great 80's music from my past! Just when I think there's no more to be found, something like this happens...

Fiction Factory

• Terminated. Despite myself, I am completely addicted to "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." The quality of the show on almost every level has been surpassing my expectations more and more with each new episode. The abject despair of the future-humans under domination of SkyNet is almost painful to watch... just as it should be. The clever dance the writers are weaving around the continuity of the first two films is really impressive, and I can't wait to see where they take the story next...

Sarah Connor

• Chicken... Today on the drive back home over the mountains, I stopped off for tacos and did my usual bit of requesting that the beef be replaced with rice. This caused the guy taking my order to ask if this was because I was concerned about the massive meat recall out of California. When I told him no, that I make the substitution because I am a vegetarian, he said that he was thinking of becoming a vegetarian too. The only problem was that he thought he'd get tired of eating chicken all the time. I was going to ask him exactly what kind of vegetable a chicken was, but ultimately decided against it. Maybe he'll get it all figured out when we get an outbreak of Mad Chicken Disease.

And there's my Bullet Sunday on Monday. I hope my brain can shut down tonight so I can get some real sleep. I'm entirely too tired of being tired to keep going without it.

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  1. teebopop says:

    I totally agree with you on all points re: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. And last night’s episode was especially well-written.

    I agree with you about KITT. But not totally. Val Kilmer doesn’t fit into the “probably a good actor” category at all. I personally think he is highly over-rated. But, (again) I agree that as the voice of KITT, leaves a lot to be desired.

    And, not to be TOO redundant, I also agree about the Ford commercials. For a split second, I thought the commercial WAS part of the movie. I confuse easily.

    So why bother posting about something you are right about? Did I think you needed an ego boost?

    Nope. Just stopped by to say “hey” and be the first commenter on somebody’s site for the first time ever!

    Oh, and I guess it never hurts to get an ego boost once in a while, right?

  2. Whitenoise says:

    …twisting the bones until they snap, I scream but no one knows…

  3. kapgar says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but the new Terminator series kinda denies the existence of the third film, right? I thought I heard something like that. Wonder how it will all work with the fourth film. Katie and I are both liking it too and for the same reason… Summer Glau. She kicks serious ass. Love seeing her back on a regular basis. Her bit part on The Unit just wasn’t cutting it for me.

    I wondered why they didn’t bring back Daniels, too. It would’ve been an easy paycheck for him.

    Got any comparisons on what Fiction Factory sounds like so I can get an idea? I’ve never heard of them.

  4. Miss Britt says:

    If Windows drops XP, I’ll be dropping windows.

    There’s no fucking way I’m going to Vista.

  5. Bre says:

    They needed to do work on my office computer and toyed with changing the OS to Vista. I begged. A Lot. Luckily, I still have XP…. though my one hope is that they’ll cave and give me an office Mac! 🙂

  6. I know what you mean about Knight Rider, it was generally good but KITT’s personality rankled me. Not snarky enough and yet too arrogant – I didn’t know it was Val Kilmer, that’s interesting. But at least that problem is something that would be easy to fix with a bit of a re-write, hopefully it’s not too late for that.

  7. Avitable says:

    Terminator has had some interesting storylines – the one with the bomb shelter was very cool. I hope Fox doesn’t do its usual song and dance and cancel the good shows to keep the shit on the air.

    And chicken is a legume.

  8. whall says:

    I had no idea Kilmer was KITT. As you were describing the voice, I envisioned Idol’s Simon. I also was unaware of the xp droppage, terminators, chicken-vegetable substitutes or that yesterday was a holiday.

    Either I need to get out more often or you should get bought by newscorp and make a lot of money from advertising!

  9. Terminator: Sarah Chronicles is awesome. I finally have a replacement (albeit not as good) to BSG!!

  10. diane says:

    I don’t think I could have refrained from asking the guy what kind of vegetable he thought chicken was. 😛

  11. bogup says:

    You may be waiting for Mad-Chicken Disease (MCD) but many of us are waiting for an outbreak of Mad-Spout Disease (MSD) and Mad-Bean Disease (MBD).

  12. sizzle says:

    maybe someone already said this and i’m not sure where i heard it but someone told me that daniels is does the voice for some other make/model of car so they said NO to that not wanting to confuse the viewers since it is afterall one big ford commercial.

    i was disappointed by the acting in the show. i thought it was really subpar and not just val’s voice.

    that guy with the chicken comment- HA!

  13. chad says:

    Summer Glau, she makes robots sexy. Val Kilmer, definately a good actor, but where the hell has he been. I saw him in an episode of… NCIS?… Numbers? Something like that. Guess thats what happens when you throw your ego around too much.

    Hey Dave, I heard about the meteor…. Dave? Dave???

  14. Karl says:

    Yeah, I’m digging Terminator, too. Totally missed “Knight Rider” but it’s rerunning on Saturday night, so I’ll be okay. I can’t NOT watch it.

  15. Next time the guy says chicken makes a vegetarian menu blah, ask him if his psychologist predicts him working in takeouts forever.

  16. delmer says:

    I didn’t care for the voice of KITT. I didn’t realize it was Val, not that that would have mattered.

  17. Chris says:

    Gee, if I’d known vegetarians could eat chicken I’d have become one a very long time ago. The things you can learn from the folks behind the counter…

  18. Hilly says:

    You know, I can remember back in the late 80’s/early 90’s when people would talk about being two different kinds of “vegetarian”…the ones who ate NO meat and the ones who ate chicken and fish. I think this was all before we became more self-aware and world-aware blah blah blah. But that guy saying that thing about the chicken in this day and age? Priceless.

    I watched Knight Rider too…keep in mind that I’ve never really watched a full episode of the original series. I was just wondering if KITT was also an armchair love-psychologist for The Hoff too cause he sure was doing a lot of that last night!

  19. SpyderDan says:

    I had no idea it aired already. I’ll have to catch the rerun on Saturday night.

    Kilmer was not the first choice for the new KITT and only recorded his dialogue a couple of week’s ago. Will Arnet from Arrested Development (he played GOB) was supposed to play KITT and he had done the entire movie already. But the powers that be suddenly decided he wasn’t good enough and wanted someone more well-known. I think. You can probably google it and find some more info. Also, there should be a couple of commercials on YouTube that feature Arnet was KITT.

  20. Dustin says:

    Awww shucks, but Davey-Jo, didn’t ya’ll knows that if it aints gots no wings, then it aints meat??

    You city boys and yer book learnin’.

  21. Terminator: And it doesn’t hurt that they played to us die-hard Firefly fans by hiring Summer Glau.

  22. Foo says:

    I am smack in the middle of the CA meat drama and not loving having to update readers on a daily basis. Some of the ridiculous emails people are sending me… My son ate a hamburger 3 weeks ago, is he going to be o.k.? sigh…

  23. Lisa says:

    I have to use Windows NT at work…and Office 97!!! YAY ME!

    What kind of vegetable is chicken? You kill me.

  24. Nathan says:

    Indeed, Windows Vista is a bugger. XP is what I use, but I can’t afford a new Mac so….until then I am stuck with the XP.

    I can’t believe how good “Terminator” is. It does indeed keep keep getting better each week. It is much better than what “Lost” has turned into as of late—which is shit BTW, in case you don’t watch it anymore.

  25. Cap says:

    I just caught Terminator and T-2 on cable this weekend … and I thought maybe I should check out the Chronicles show. I didn’t want to watch it because TV screws up everything lately. But if you like it, I’ll try it. How’s that for a vote of confidence? 🙂

  26. Beth says:

    I liked Knight Rider, however I thought is was a bit over the top at the very end to come out of an airplane taking off, I mean really…an airplane?? Could he not just get out before taxi??? I also did not know it was Val, but it would not change my opinion on the voice, I did not like it.

  27. Gecko Rock says:

    I had trouble buying River Tam as a terminator.

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