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Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2008

Dave!"That's quite an ego you got there. With your blog and your DaveStalker nonsense, your entire life is nothing more than a narcissistic delusion"... the email said in an annoyingly green text color.

An ego? ME?!??

Do you really think so?? What could ever give you that idea?

Is it because I tell everybody I'm a total genius? (from the entry DaveQ)...


Is it that I think the world revolves around me? (from the entry Dave)...

Dave Universe

Is it that I want a 50-story marble monument built in my honor? (from the entry Monument)...

Dave Monument

Is it because I think I'm Jesus? (from the entry Jesus)...

Madonna And Child

Or is it because I think I'm God? (from the entry Intelligence)...


You're going to have to help me out here, because I'm just not seeing it...

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  1. adena says:

    Aww….and here I was looking FORWARD to the sacrificial altar!!

  2. Göran says:

    Too much of blogography is a good thing!

    Only a genius can annoy people by being fun!

  3. Tracy Lynn says:

    I would give my right breast for a framed copy of the picture from Intelligence. And that is saying something, since it is the Bodacious Rack.

  4. borysSNORC says:

    All hail Dave! If you can’t be a small god in your own little part of the Blogosphere – where can you be? And green text you say? I reckon there’s a subliminal meaning in that. 😐

  5. Paul says:

    Hey! If you ‘got it goin on’, there’ll always be haters. I’m not so sure about your emailer’s hypothesis, but your toons in today’s entry got me totally LMAO ! (Did I mention I’m addicted to this blog?) On another note, I watched the Mac ‘Air’ guided tour on Youtube . . I don’t see an end to Dave’s whoredome anytime soon.

  6. RW says:

    Don’t listen to them Dave. People like that have other kinds of issues, to my way of thinking. They don’t see (because your “ego” doesn’t ever talk about) the things you do for your friends that goes without mention.

    I don’t know what it is. Maybe if they got out of their own head long enough to let someone else’s creativity entertain them instead of being jealous about it they’d feel better about shit? Who knows.

    You keep going. Nothing you can do about them… well except for posts like this which are pretty cool.

  7. Cap says:

    I’ve always stalked you silently, from a distance. Your stuff always makes me smile.

    I had to de-lurk because this made me laugh out loud and was just exactly what I needed to start my day. See? You’re also a magic soul-healer 🙂

  8. Betta says:

    Dear Dave,

    I’ve been a fan of your blog since long time ago, that kind of fan that never leaves comments ’cause you’re so great that no comment would ever be at that level of greatness.

    I’m spanish, and I’m sure that if I learnt english, it was just to read your kickass thoughts.

    I think that if world revolved around you, life would be totally awesome! Theme parks, chocolate, great tv shows, making a fool of stupid people, travel to beautiful places, buying awesome gadgets!

    I could totally be a devoted to your religion, and if we could start it, you would be the most amazing god of the universe! Or president! Or king of the world!

    You’re cool!

    That’s all I wanted to let you know.

    PS: All of my friends here know who you are, ’cause everyday I tell them how cool you are. Isn’t that cool?

  9. Avitable says:

    Did Donna just send you hate mail? Because I think I got that exact same email back a few months ago.

  10. Eileen Dover says:

    I’m not seeing it either. You haven’t yet shown us you’re the Dalai Lama, or like, Barack Obama.

    Nope, no ego to me!

  11. ajooja says:

    With “Dave is God” spray-painted on my wall, I don’t see it either. Stupid e-mailers.

  12. Kyra says:

    Is it wrong that this is one of my favorite posts now?

    Oh crap, that’s not helping your ego diminish is it?

  13. *snort!* Modesty, thy name is Dave2.

    When I saw the comment from the email in my feed-reader I got all up in arms, ramping into “defend the friend mode,” you know. And here you’ve done a perfectly good job of lightly and humorously poking fun at them and so my skills are not even needed. Oh well.

  14. Lewis says:

    Oh Great and Mighty Dave Blogger Dude,
    I worship and bow down. I’ll lay at your bare naked feet and do whatever you want. I’ll throw golden coins and jewels ((no, wait…it’s something else with the jewels….can’t remember)) before you. I will forever praise your holiness.
    Love, (wait, you aren’t supposed to love a god, are you??),

  15. bogup says:

    The fact that you can poke fun at yourself with “monuments” etc., shows you DO NOT have an out of control ego but balanced self esteem — that is well deserved BTW. Someone who would send an email like that obviously suffer from their own ego problems and deserve a “bite me” response. In a bold pink font.

  16. Hilly Sue says:

    Wow, cause no other bloggers have egos at ALL! And and and …cause this person knows you in real life enough to judge you like that…*snort*.

    Of course, I am worried about how your head is going to fit into my car next time we hang out. It was a tight fit last time ;).

  17. claire says:

    I enjoyed the 4 of these I’d seen the 1st time around. All together what a great collection they make. Brightened my day- thanks, Dave.

  18. Miss Britt says:

    Um, excuse me? We need to talk Dave. I don’t know what you think that is spinning around you, but I assure you, it is not “The World”.

    The real World, clearly, revolves around ME.

  19. kapgar says:

    I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. You’re the most humble guy in Davetopia!

  20. Avitable says:

    Just had to comment from my new iPhone!

  21. yellojkt says:

    Genius is often misunderstood. Take comfort in that.

  22. Laurence says:

    You are our sweet genius !

    P.S. A blog is the expression of an ego… Very bizarre this kind of email !

  23. Robin says:

    Obviously this person has never met you and just does not know how kind and giving you are. Please tell me you do not justify this kind of email with a response.

  24. Jeff says:

    If I were you I wouldn’t worry so much about your ego as the fact that you have no sense of humor whatsoever and you’re so damned serious all the time.

  25. Bec says:

    There is one out there denying your right to display your awesomeness? They must be hunted down and re-educated!

  26. sizzle says:

    i don’t see it either.

  27. abbersnail says:

    I’m at a complete loss. There is, after all, no such thing as a blogger with an ego.


  28. Wayne says:

    You have no ego problem. I can prove it. On the Dave Monument, you would have had an indicative line for all the black dots and labeled them “worthless peons”.


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