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Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Dave!As I have no doubt mentioned many times before, I loathe shopping and avoid it like the plague. If I need something, I'll visit a physical store only as a last resort, preferring to buy stuff on the internet whenever possible. Well, today it finally became unavoidable, and a shopping expedition into the nearby city of Wenatchee was required...

...on one of the worst days of the year to be doing so, the day before Thanksgiving (with the very worst day obviously being Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving).

Anyway, here's my shopping for the day...

Folding Door Runner: My closet door broked, so I had to buy a replacement piece at Home Depot. Just like every other time I've been here, trying to find anything in this massive store is nigh impossible when you can't get somebody to help you. After 15 minutes of getting nowhere, I finally turn to leave in disgust when some guy on his lunch break is walking through and tells me where to go. It was the wrong aisle, but eventually I DO find my runner. I'm off to a terrible start.

Pizza: I had a coupon for Papa Murphy's, so I dropped by to get a Cheese Pizza for dinner on Friday.

String Cheese: I went to Costco specifically to find these incredible Multigrain Tortilla Chips from FoodShouldTasteGood...

Multigrain Chips!

When I couldn't find the chips, I was determined not to leave empty-handed and ended up getting a 60-pack of string cheese. As much as I love string cheese, this will probably last me into February.

Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints: I may not celebrate Christmas, but I'm not about to pass up on delicious holiday treats because of it! Food Pavilion always has a nifty selection of seasonal sweets, so I dropped by and found new Crunchy Junior Mints. They aren't as crunchy as the packaging would have you believe (they need bigger pieces of candy on the top for that), but they're still killer good...

Crunchy Junior Mints

Black Bean Chipotle Gardenburgers: My favorite frozen veggie burger is the Black Bean Chipotle patties from Gardenburger. I love them. LOVE THEM!! Then two months ago I couldn't find them anymore. And I looked everywhere. I stopped at every grocery store I could find in every city I went to. Ultimately, I figured that they must have been discontinued (even though they're still listed on the Gardenburger site). On a whim, I decided to look at Food Pavilion after I got my crunchy mints. I nearly broke down in tears when I looked into the freezer case and saw them there staring back at me. I bought all ten boxes they had...

Black Bean Chipotle Gardenburger

Please, please, please tell me that these are not the last Black Bean Chipotle Gardenburgers on earth. My heart cannot take losing Coke with Lime AND my beloved burgers too. The bad news is that my freezer is now totally full. Beyond full. If I find anymore Black Bean Chipotle Gardenburgers, I won't be able to buy them until I eat some of the ones I already have. Or throw out the chocolate ice cream. What a dilemma that would be.

And that was all the shopping I could stand for the day. For the month, really.

Of course, there's only one thing worse than shopping during the holidays, and that would be traveling during the holidays. Knowing that I have not one, but two trips coming up makes me want to scream... then cry... then drink until I pass out.

Instead I'm going to write up a business proposal, sketch out some design concepts, answer my backlog of email, then go to bed.

Right after I eat some string cheese. One down, fifty-nine to go...

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  1. CP says:

    Ooooooooh. I love me some string cheese. Hell, I might even get out of bed for one of those badboys!

    Have a happy Turkey Day, Dave. I will think of you as I eat my sweet potatoes.


  2. karla says:

    Don’t drink until you pass out. I did that on Tuesday and I don’t recommend the after effects. I think I am STILL hungover.

  3. serap says:

    I love your picture of the peppermint crunch mints… the angle of the photo means that as you scroll up and down, it looks like the picture is getting bigger and smaller. I’m having a pretty dull day in the office and this has just kept me occupied for a couple of minutes while I tried to figure out if it was an illusion or if the picture was actually changing size. Thanks Dave, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. bluepaintred says:

    heh. we buy two boxes of the sixty pack cheese string a month.

    Course there are five of us….

  5. Lisa says:

    Yesterday I stopped at a place I don’t usually shop at and saw they carried Chi-Chi’s taco sauce. The big, snooty grocery stores stopped carrying it years ago and I’d given up looking, but there it was in front of me. I now have enough taco sauce to last me through June.

  6. Avitable says:

    I order some of my groceries through You might even be able to find out through the Gardenburger website who will sell those burgers and order them direct. I did that for a favorite type of gum that I couldn’t find locally.

  7. bogup says:

    If it only took 15 min. to find something @ Home Depot you have a veritable reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. I will definitely try to find those new Jr. Mints. Bet they will go well melted into my morning latte… mmmmmmmmmm.

  8. amanda says:

    Well, at least you have string cheese to console you

  9. Lewis says:

    Oh man, those million packs of string cheese are gonna plug you up BAD until past February sometime. Be sure and supplement with fiber. And speaking of food, check out BURGERVILLE’s site……check out the spicy black bean burger deal…it’s my favorite.


  10. Brandi says:

    When you realize you’re in love with me too (squeeee) I will do all your shopping.

  11. Suzy says:

    They should have a gun rack at Home Depot so that when you can NEVER find anything there, you’re allowed to shoot yourself in the foot and sue them. Fortunately, we have an OSH across from HD and those people actually come up to you and ask what they can do to help you. Poetry.

    Crunchy Junior Mints…….ummmmmmyummy

  12. kilax says:

    I am so jealous! I have been wanting to try the Black Bean Chipotle Gardenburgers for a long long time!

    If they quit making them, MorningStar’s Spicy Black Bean burger is delicious 🙂

  13. kaelb says:

    You definitely have different taste in food than me. I am afraid to approach veggie burgers. Real burgers are great, though.

  14. iddly says:

    Choccie ice cream has priority!!

  15. Bre says:

    Your food preferences are like my TV preferences – I adore things to the extreme and then they get canceled 🙁

  16. nico says:

    our family favorites, garden burger sweet & sour pork meals were discontinued and it sucks…

  17. kapgar says:

    Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints?!?! MUST FIND!!!

  18. Those peppermint crunch Junior Mints look almost as good as what I’ve been snacking on lately…

    …God bless Trader Joe’s!

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