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Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2007

Dave!Apple released a really nifty iPhone upgrade last night. One of the coolest new features is being able to buy music directly from your iPhone over wireless networks. It's really easy to use, and iPhone transfers your purchases back to your computer the next time you sync... sweet! They've also made some other improvements, like increasing the speaker volume (which was badly needed) and adding some shortcuts to make using iPhone easier. I love that iPhone can be improved and upgraded like this, and can't wait to see what Apple comes up with next!


In celebration of iPhone's new upgrade, I'm releasing some of the wallpapers I've been using on my own iPhone. A few people have been asking about them for a while now, and so I've put them in an extended entry (scroll to the bottom and click "continue reading"). As if there wasn't already enough reasons to own an iPhone, here are twelve more...

iPhone Wallpapers by Dave

But before we get to the wallpapers... here is a wrap-up of the new shows I've seen for this new season, ranked from best to worst...

  • Pushing Daisies. LIKES: Absolutely everything. Just like Bryan Fuller's other brilliant shows, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, this is amazing television. BLECH: Absolutely nothing... it's a stunning, beautiful, magical, wonderful show (I caught this pilot on preview and think it's the best this season).
  • Reaper. LIKES: Everything. BLECH: Nothing. I am so happy this show didn't bite, because the demon-fighting premise is iffy.
  • Chuck. LIKES: Excellent cast and premise. BLECH: You'd think a show like this would get the tech-stuff right but, of course, a lot of times they don't. People are more computer-savy than ever, and having stupid tech mistakes ruin the show.
  • Torchwood. LIKES: Cheesy goodness that's highly entertaining. BLECH: Special effects pretty poor. And, oh yeah... "omnisexual?!?" WTF?!?
  • Dirty Sexy Money. LIKES: Superbly cast, with the always-amazing Peter Krause leading the pack. Everything about this show is slick, polished, and fun to watch. BLECH: It's a frickin' soap opera! The show seems too straight-forward at times, and needs some Twins Peaksian strangeness tossed in to keep things interesting. I can see this story getting very boring and mundane very quickly.
  • Bionic Woman. LIKES: Katee Sackhoff! Decent story and special effects. BLECH: When the villain (the delicious Katee Sackhoff) is more interesting than any other character on the show, you've got problems. They had better ramp up the action and keep Jamie Summers doing cool bionic crap or else this show could start to bore me like the non-super-powered "Heroes" which I loathe.
  • The Big Bang Theory. LIKES: Uhhh... the girl is kind of hot? BLECH: Everything about this show is totally lame. How long can two anti-social geeks be fun to watch before they bore the crap out of you? About ten minutes.
  • Private Practice. LIKES: Shonda Rhimes knows dialoge. BLECH: Yet another medical drama, but lifeless and horribly dull. Should have never been greenlit for a series. Even worse, it looks like Grey's Anatomy is going to suffer because of this horrible distraction.
  • Journeyman. LIKES: Not much. BLECH: This is an awful mess that's just not interesting, and the show's pacing is all over the place.
  • Moonlight. LIKES: Very little. BLECH: It's a vampire detective show! Just like Angel! But this time it sucks ass! Who in their right mind would put this crap on the air? I saw this on preview and fast-forwarded through most of it.
  • Big Shots. LIKES: Cool cast... Titus! Vartan! McDermott! BLECH: Horribly written... who wants to see guys being whiny bitches? These are supposed to be men, right? Because no guy I know talks or acts like this. Lastly, Joshua Malina, who I liked in Sports Night and The West Wing is grossly miscast here.
  • Flash Gordon. LIKES: NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY F#@%ING NOTHING! BLECH: Absolute worst show on television (though I haven't seen Cavemen yet). How the Sci-Fi channel could f#@% up so badly on a can't-miss character is mind-blowing. Do us all a favor and put money into a new Farscape special instead of this stupid shit.

And now for iPhone wallpapers...

To use any of these wallpapers, just save them to disk and add them to a picture folder that you're syncing to your iPhone with iTunes. Then go to "Settings" and choose "Wallpaper" where you can make your selection. If you need help, the good people over at iPhone-Wallpapers have instructions (and while you're there, check out the cool wallpapers they have free on their site!).

Here's a dozen DaveToon wallpapers to choose from, and they've all been designed so that the copyright is hidden under the iPhone controls. Please do not upload them to any other site, thanks!

Best Friends iPhone Wallpaper

A Little Fugly iPhone Wallpaper

A Little Geeky iPhone Wallpaper

A Little Sleepy iPhone Wallpaper

Lil' Dave iPhone Wallpaper

Bad Monkey iPhone Wallpaper

Dave and Murakami iPhone Wallpaper

Dave Dream iPhone Wallpaper

Hellmonkey iPhone Wallpaper

Monkey Button iPhone Wallpaper

Dave Nirvana iPhone Wallpaper

Travelers iPhone Wallpaper

Have fun!

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  1. Wayne says:

    Oh man, I laughed the whole episode of Big Bang Theory, and I can easily imagine not running out of geeks + hot chick content to last me a whole season. But we’ll see.

  2. Leah says:

    This is the first thing that has made me want an iPhone. They are awesome, but for now I’m holding out.

  3. Suzy says:

    I only watched Private Practice. It was horrible. I think the main problem is Addison as the main character and Tim Daly, another ice cube, totally not likable. I predict that Amy Brennerman and Taye Diggs will crawl to the front of this show to save it. If not, it’s gone.

  4. amanda says:

    I liked Reaper and Chuck a lot, and I can’t wait for pushing daisies. I actually liked dirty sexy money, but it could get old

  5. Kyra says:

    Yeah, I didn’t like the men-whining on Big Shots either… but I’d like to point out that women acting like whiney little bitches is just as bad. Both make my skin crawl with equal ew.

    You’re worrying me about moonlight. *sniffle*… now I’m afraid to watch. I need good sexy vampiric men, DAMMIT! My fantasies are running low at the moment.

  6. Hilly says:

    OMG – you Tempty McTemptation Pants! I was just looking at iPhones about a half hour ago and decided to wait til the next upgrade and here you are flashing your cute wallpapers…grrr. You’re going to corrupt me, you know.

    The only show I really disagree with you about is “Big Bang Theory” but then again, I am highly amused by geeks ALL of the time ;).

  7. amandarin says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person who loved Reaper, and who was not at all impressed with The Bionic Woman.

    But you didn’t mention my two favorites so far this season – Bones & Cane!

  8. michael g says:

    thx for the wallpapers.

  9. kilax says:

    If I had an iPhone, I would want bad monkey and little dave on it 🙁

  10. Gina says:

    Aw. Those are awesome. I sure wish I could get those for my lil ol’ Katana too. 🙂

  11. Wade says:

    GREAT wallpapers, thanks Dave! Now I have something to put on my iPhone.

    Nice improvements by Apple. I especially like having the iPhone to TV option.


  12. E says:

    Ooh, you’re a Torchwood fan? I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, but I’m a big Doctor Who fan, so I have high hopes. I liked Reaper, too, though it reminded me a lot of Dead Like Me and Journeyman was a twist on The Time Traveler’s Wife (but I liked it alright). I’m excited about Pushing Daisies, too, it looks wonderful!

  13. bogup says:

    wonderful wallpapers with a few of my favs!
    My phone contract is up in two months and I can hardly wait. Only prob is cell tower coverage in my neighborhood via ATT Cingular doesn’t cut it. Verizon does. So now I have to get a phone that can use the pics. Thnx!

  14. Michelle says:

    Oh, definetely on a new Farscape special. Half the crap scifi channel puts out is unwatchable. And this is from someone who loves science fiction. Oh why, oh why haven’t you figured out how to rule the world yet.

  15. Laurence says:

    Your wallpapers are so beautiful !!!

    I am waiting for a iPhone in December (like all the Europe).
    I am a big fan of BadMonkey and my first wallpaper will be “Monkey Button” ! 😉

  16. SJ says:

    I really liked Bionic Woman, even though I despised the original series. But then, Bret says I’d be mesmerized by a Metamucil commercial if Katee Sackoff was in it. He’s right. Hottest. Woman. Alive. I would *so* try lesbian for her.

  17. James Bow says:

    Torchwood is a remarkably inconsistent show, likely the result of showrunner Russell T. Davies being focused on “Doctor Who”. I’m told that he’ll be paying more attention to the second season. As a result, the show never resolves whether it’s about a bunch of spunky humans and their cool gadgets, or a bunch of slightly creepy, arrogant humans, bungling in where angels fear to tread.

    Be on the lookout for Cyberwoman, which has more cheese on it than a deep dish pizza. It’s good for a few laughs, though. Including my MST3K shout, “She’s got Cyberbooty!!”

    However, things pick up near the end of the first season, with the second last episode in particular an absolute show-stopper.

  18. kapgar says:

    Katie would like to make a request for a background (for when we can actually afford iPhones) in which you have an extreme close up of either ToonDave or Bad Monkey blowing on the glass of the screen and making marks in it (an Apple logo?).

  19. Jill says:

    Oh yes! Please, please PLEASE bring back Farscape!!!

    I’ve been taping Torchwood, but haven’t gotten around to watching any of the episodes yet. I think I’ll like it, but I don’t think that it’s going to come anywhere near touching the greatness of the new Doctor Who series.

    Journeyman, The Bionic Woman and Flash Gordon are all horrible. With Moonlight, I like the guy playing the lead, but the pilot episode didn’t do anything for me. I didn’t know that Pushing Daisies was by the same guy who did Dead Like Me. I liked Dead Like Me, so maybe I’ll give that one a shot…

    That was really nice of you to put out those wallpapers for people with iPhones! If I had an iPhone, I know I’d use them 🙂

  20. Suzy says:

    Just watched Dirty Sexy Money online. Me likey. A lot.

  21. adena says:

    I cannot WAIT to see Pushing Daisies!!

    The previews had me cracking up at the premise, and it looks like it’s going to be spectacularly irreverant like “Dead Like Me”.

    Can’t WAIT!

  22. Brandi says:

    the naked Dave is my favorite. It’s like a child fresh out of a bubble bath. In a not so pediphile way.

  23. jenny says:

    Here’s my issue with Chuck – accidentally downloading gov’t secrets into your brain should enable you to know gov’t secrets, not to see into the future. I just didn’t get how he suddenly knew that the politician guy took an earlier flight, that the bomb was about to go off, and exactly which container it was hidden in, etc. Am I being nitpicky?

  24. Michelle says:

    love the wallpapers! if only i had an iPhone. maybe next year.
    I’m totally on board with “Reaper.” it’s my new Veronica Mars. Good music too. I just watched “Chuck,” it was okay. I’m noticing a theme in these shows, nerds who work at spoofs of real stores (Work Bench and Buy More). Totally forgot to watch “Moonlight”…’cause who puts shows on Friday nights? I but I’ll watch because Jason Dohring is in it. i miss me some Logan.

  25. yellojkt says:

    In order of coolest to suckiest:

    Bionic Woman

    And Chuck’s not that sucky, just a little lame.

  26. Blanetalk says:

    Why do people keep coming back with supernatural detective shows, especially since they’ve already been done better before, ie; X-Files, Brimstone (cancelled way too soon). And even better, why are they recreating the exact same plot from a supernatural vampire-as-detective show that has been done before (no, I’m not talking about Angel … anyone remember Forever Knight?)


  27. Michelle says:

    Cute wallpapers Dave, thanks! My opinions:

    Chuck: Not so lame enough, yet, to make me not come back.

    P. Practice: That “gf wants dead man’s sperm and in walks wife” thing was done on House last season. Quite a disappointment.

    Moonlight: I was drooling over the phone long after the long haired guy. Sad. That’s just sad.

    Big Shots: Total disappointment for the cast.

  28. Avitable says:

    You didn’t like Journeyman? I thought it was interesting, and I like that they brought the wife in on it at the very beginning. It could be a good one.

    Moonlight was laughable, and so poorly written that I couldn’t believe it. Oh well.

    Did you try “Life”? It might actually be a decent show, too.

  29. emilykitty says:

    Just wanted to let you know I spotted “wheat-free, gluten-free” sesame pretzels at our East Wenatchee Fred Meyers in the “Health Food” section. They’re kind of by produce- between the bulk flour stuff & the bulk spices.

  30. SO AWESOME! Thanks for making these. I can hardly wait to pimp out my iPhone with some Dave-y goodness!

  31. Miss Ann Thrope says:

    Hey! How about some computer wallpapers? 1600×1200 would do just fine for me!

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