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Bullet Sunday 27

Posted on Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Dave!Hey, it's Bullet Sunday on Earth Day! A time when eco-minded individuals can feel guilty about the damage we are doing to our planet, then forget it about it again until next year!

• Veggie... As of today, I have been a vegetarian for 19 years. I had toyed with the idea off-and-on for a few years before committing, but it took dating a vegetarian for the diet to stick (which was on Earth Day 1988... a pity we broke up three months later). About the only thing I really miss is pepperoni, for which there is no good veggie substitute. They make fake "veggie meat" for everything else that tastes okay... but the pepperoni always tastes like a crime against nature, and never crisps up properly on a pizza.

• Married... Speaking of crimes against nature... first the most beautiful woman on earth gets married, now the second most beautiful woman on earth has gotten married too. Bollywood actress hottie Aishwarya Rai joins the massive list of "Women Dave Lusts Over That Got Married So They Have An Excuse Not To Date Him If They Ever Found Out He Even Exists." What can I say, my life is tragedy...

Aishwarya Rai

• Discovery... One of the most fascinating television series ever to air on television is Discovery Chanel's Planet Earth. Astoundingly beautiful and thought-provoking in every way, it is essential viewing for all of humanity so we can better understand what a truly remarkable planet we live on. I started watching the show when it began back in March, and today they are airing the final two episodes. I haven't been motivated to get an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player, but the hi-def release of this series has motivated me to finally start looking into buying one. The brilliant footage they got for the show deserves to be displayed with the best possible picture quality...

Planet Earth

• DaveToon... Whenever I think of the earth, I remember a DaveToon I drew a year ago that explains quite a lot about why I am the way I am. Even on Earth Day, I'm an egotistical, self-centered bastard...

Dave Universe
Yes, the world really does revolve around me.

• Saturday Night... "Sunday is Earth Day. Suck it, Neptune!" — Amy Pohler, SNL.

And that's a wrap. This is going to be an interesting week here at Blogography...

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  1. Eve says:

    Congrats on your veg anniverary! I understand about the ‘fake meats’ stuff. Some of it is crap, while some of it is truly amazing and I am so thankful for it. I believe in my heart that one day a a delicious meatless pepperoni will be invented and all will be right in the world again.

  2. NYC Watchdog says:

    Funny… I saw a picture of Aishwarya leaving her wedding with her new husband… and she really did not look happy.

    Perhaps there is still hope for a Pitt-Aniston dramatic finish? I’ll give it 6 months.

  3. adena says:

    I heard somewhere that the Indians were in a big ol’ broo-haha (spelling is off, I know) because Liz Hurley did not take off her shoes during her wedding. They were calling for her to be thrown in jail.

    I trust Aishwarya took hers off.

    I just started watching Planet Earth….I had heard about it, but never got around to watching it. But, I have On Demand, and it’s playing on Discovery all day today, so I’ve caught a few episodes. Absolutely amazing.

  4. Lewis says:

    Planet Earth ROCKS. amazing!

  5. Hilly says:

    Happy Vegiverssary! I had no idea you’d been a vegetarian for that long, wow. I totally think that Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful women in the world, period.

    *wonders why exactly this is going to be an interesting week at Blogography*

  6. Bre says:

    Aishwarya is fabulously gorgeous, isn’t she?

  7. bogup says:

    Good for you on the veggie anniversary. Our son is a vegetarian, so we support his requirements and it does influence our own menus. He’s going into his fourth year. I’d be with you if not for BBQ’d garlic chicken, bacon, and an occasional steak. Thankfully we have access to farm raised eggs, some excellent organic greens, and other vegetables at most meals.

    One question, over your now 19 years, have you had any nutritional challenges or can/do you compensate with mineral and protein supplements?

    Then comes the ominous, “It’s going to be an interesting week here on Blogography.” I can hardly wait…

  8. Jill says:

    I watched some of Planet Earth shows on Discovery. I thought that the previews were waaaaay better than the shows actually are. I think that the episodes are very choppy. And while a lot of the scenes were cool to watch, it got old very fast hearing the narrator telling us constantly that this is ‘footage never before filmed’.

    I give the previews an A+. The actual shows, a B-.

    So what should we be expecting this week from you? I await your next post in eager anticipation 🙂

    You have me beat as a vegetarian by about five years… Happy Earth Day!

  9. Karl says:

    Really want to see “Planet Earth.” I keep forgetting it’s on. Happy veggiversary.

  10. The Chad says:

    I love Planet Earth. That show freakin rocks!

    Suck it neptune. Nice. Screw pluto too.

  11. yellojkt says:

    I just finished watching ‘Planet Earth’ and they were in some really creepy caves. It’s perhaps the only show I’m glad I have a HDTV and digital cable for. I hope they repeat the episodes I missed.

  12. Avitable says:

    Have you discovered Sheetal Sheth yet? She’s in Albert Brooks’s awesome movie: Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. Go watch it.

  13. TSM says:

    Seems to me that someday, we’ll be reading about the most perfect Mrs. Dave being totally off the market because the incomparable Dave has snagged her heart. A matter of time, Dave. A matter of time!

  14. apricoco says:

    Happy Veggiversary! I am going on my second soon. I know how you feel about pepperoni, I miss bacon so much. so. much. I think that bacon should be considered a drug. Anyway, I will have to check out Planet Earth for myself soon.

  15. Dave2 says:

    Eve… They probably WILL come up with a fake pepperoni, but it will cause diarrhea or something. 🙁

    Watchdog… I haven’t seen any of the photos yet, but I’ll bet she was looking fantastic as she was unhappy!

    Adena… Well, there were actually quite a few faux pas that Elizabeth Hurley committed at her wedding (like drinking alcohol), which goes to show she wasn’t well-advised about local customs. Sad, really.

    Lewis… Indeed Planet Earth DOES rock. I just wish that they didn’t show the exact same commercials at EVERY break. If I have to see that stupid-ass Johnson Wax commercial one more time, I’ll freak out and start killing people. Seriously, couldn’t the Johnson Wax people come up with 4 or 5 different commercials since they were going to be appearing so often?

    Hilly… I guess we’ll find out tomorrow! 🙂

    Bre… Oh yes. She a naturally beauty alright!

    Bogup… Actually, it’s kind of a myth that vegetarians can’t get enough protein and vitamins from their diet. As long as you eat the right foods from time to time, you’ll be fine (there’s an excellent article on teenage vegetarian nutrition here). All that being said, I do take vitamin supplements (focusing on A-REDS for eye health) because my diet is less than optimal. 🙂

    Jill… Well, the show has to be a bit choppy by nature, because otherwise it would be 10 months long instead of 10 episodes long! There’s just so much to see that they had to do the best they could. The repetitive “this is the first time this has been filmed” line didn’t bother me as much as the repeating commercials… over and over and over again at each break. Bleh.

    Karl… Amazing show. Even better in HD. Worth buying an HD television and player, really. 🙂

    The Chad… Yeah… f#@%ing Pluto! It’s not even a PLANET!

    Yellojkt… Some of the imagery is jaw-dropping in HD. Kind of what the format was made for, I think.

    Avitable… Oh yes. Sheetal Sheth is incredibly beautiful. Almost inhumanly so…

    Sheetal Sheth

    TSM… Shyeah… we can only hope! 😀

    Apricoco… Eventually, I got to enjoy MorningStar Farms bacon even better than the original (no annoying gristle!)… you just have to over-microwave it a bit, then let it set so it crisps up nicely. Delicious!

  16. Avitable says:

    So, you already knew who she was? Damn. She’s very nice, too – I sent her an email after watching “Looking for Comedy” and she replied personally.

  17. MRKisThatKid says:

    Hey, the BBC made Planet Earth, Discovery just helped fund it, and re-dubbed the narration for the US. I expect they’re taking all the credit over there then?

  18. Kyle I says:

    Planet has been awesome, especially if you have HDTV. I’ve missed some episodes but I think they’re on my DVR.

  19. Dave2 says:

    Avitable… I haven’t seen “Looking for Comedy.” I know her from a You Tube preview of a film called “Indian Cowboy.”

    MRK… Well, the series was produced by Discovery Channel and NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.) in partnership with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., so they actually deserve partial credit. And no, they are not claiming to have made the series, as they have an entire episode devoted to the filmmakers and the production by the BBC. From what I’ve read, David Attenborough’s narration is restored for the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray versions of the show, whereas Sigourney Weaver’s narration is used for the broadcast and standard DVD release.

    Kyle… It really does look astounding in HD, but I think the series is so amazing that it can be very much enjoyed by those who don’t have it. I keep hoping for a theatrical/IMAX run so Planet Earth can be seen on the big screen!

  20. F2B says:

    I love love love Planet Earth too Dave. I wish I had HDTV to watch it on. Simply amazing what they’ve been able to capture.

  21. Laurence says:

    The photos of “Discovery Earth” are so beautiful !

    P.S. You are maybe an egotistical, self-centered bastard… But we love you like that ! 😉

  22. Discovery’s Planet Earth is very cool, I’ve caught a couple parts live but I’ve been TiVo-ing them so I’ll watch more later.

    The footage is beautiful. I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about these (I think they only reason I even heard about the series was from a TiVo preview).

  23. I felt great empathy for the suffering of men across the globe when I learned that Miss Rai became a Mrs. She is lovely.

  24. altmike says:

    I absolutely LOVE Planet Earth. And I can watch the entire program with my laptop turned off. Now that is truly amazing.

  25. ichi says:

    So, I’ve been an advent reader of your blogs since, well, it’s not important. Let’s say, you’re sarcastic; I love it.

    Yeah, me telling who you are.

    Second, the world circling you, Dave, made me laugh.
    Not just a chuckle, but I snorted aloud, shaking my head yes for no apparent reason. . . I guess just to have something in common with you (for the world circling our human form).

    And for the two girls you lust over.
    One day, they’ll be laying in bed, have a dream about a guy’s website where he blogs about them. Soon, they’re compelled to hunt this man down. And, along their adventure, they start getting lustful feelings back as if you were giving off waves. Nevertheless, they do find you and will have a battle to the death once they discover you’re using both of them.

    Wow, I just gave a time line.

  26. kilax says:

    Nineteen years?!!? Congratulations! I am on number 6 😉

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