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Posted on Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Dave!I've just turned on the television. The Sound of Music is playing and Julie Andrews is singing about how once a woman is married she becomes her husband's property. This movie must have been filmed back in the good old days when you could own a woman outright. Given most of the women I know today, this is a pretty funny concept.

A foot of snow was unexpectedly dumped on us overnight. I only realized it when I heard a snowplow scraping by at the utterly ridiculous hour of 7:00am. But, by the time I left at 10:00, the sun was shining through a brilliant blue sky...

Blue Sky Snow

Sure, the snow makes driving a total disaster, but it sure looks pretty.

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  1. The Chad says:

    I saw that movie was on as well, and quickly looked for something else to avoid the horror and possibly end up ripping my ears off.

  2. I like The Sound of Music, but watched Mary Poppins instead. It’s not Christmas without Julie Andrews.

  3. Tal says:

    I’m interested in hearing why it is a funny concept….

    The snow sure looks purty! Too bad it is pure evilness disguised as innocent precipitation! Sound of Music around christmas? Must be an American thing….

  4. Mooselet says:

    Don’t be slamming Julie Andrews man. Despite it’s “old-fashioned” views, I really like that movie. I’m a sap for romance, and Christopher Plummer is kinda hot.

  5. nancycle says:

    Oh dear. You’ve hit it. Here comes my admittance. I was going to post about it last night…But I was too shy.

    The Sound of Music. I watched it last night. I own it. I was willing to watch it twice.

    My name is Nancy, and the Sound of Music is my all time favourite movie.

    OK, but I NEVER looked at it like THAT. The whole property thing! Sheesh. I only saw a love story and children who didn’t have a mother and a man and a woman who fall truly in love.

    Fav scene: When he calls her captain. *sniff*
    Worst scene: When Maria goes back to the Abbey and the head nun sings…Yikes.

  6. nancycle says:

    p.s. Thanks for sharing your snow. It is beautiful. It’s warm and as green as can be here. 🙁

  7. Laurence says:

    It is beautiful as usual !!! 🙂

  8. Neil T. says:

    Sad fact is, there are countries where women are seen as male property.

    Of course, none of my female friends would agree to that, oh no…

  9. Therese RN says:

    Your snow is gorgeous. Here it is, December 24th, and in Nebraska we have not had any snowfall yet this year. And to think, back in my college days, I lived in a part of the country that averaged 300 inches of snowfall a year! I miss “da U.P.”

  10. Dave2 says:

    The Chad… I couldn’t bear to watch either. These overly-corny older movies freak me out for some reason.

    Frances… I’d rather watch either “Sound of Music” or “Mary Poppins” than the crapfest known as “Miracle on 34th Street,” which I loathe.

    Tal… It’s funny, because I can’t imagine most any woman I know happily singing about being a piece of property.

    Mooselet… Christopher Plumber is kind of scary in “Sound of Music”… I’d go so far as to say he was downright creepy. But, he was General Chang in Star Trek, so that’s got to count for something!

    Nancycle… I have never seen “The Sound of Music” all the way through… I just catch bits and pieces while switching channels over the years. I’m not big into musicals… it freaks me out when people are having a conversation and suddenly break out in song. 🙂

    Laurence… A fresh snow is always quite nice, but now the roads have turned to mud, so it is not so pretty anymore. 🙁

    Neil… Hah! The women I know would probably light a man on fire before being seen as their “property,” so I know exactly what you mean!

    Ms. Sizzle… But cold! I’m tired of freezing my ass off every time I have to go outside! I’m pretty much done with winter, and yet it has only just started. 🙁

    Therese… My mother told me that snow here used to be so deep that they would climb on to the roof and jump in it and, when I was little, I remember tunneling under the snow… neither of which you could do now. And yet some people say global warming is a myth??

  11. Shannon says:

    You know, I’ve STILL never seen The Sound of Music. Even though I’ve been lectured by who knows how many people over the years that I must see it NOW!!! I did however watch White Christmas yesterday. It’s my favorite old cheesy musical ever. We watch it every year around Christmas while pigging out on gourmet cheese and drinking Martinellis… and this year we made fondue on top of all of that.

  12. nancycle says:

    LOL! You’d be TOTALLY freaked out to hang out with Omar and I for any amount of time then. We often break out in song. I kid you not ~ we have a lot of fun changing the words of songs to suit the moment. Ever try weaving “Eat your vegetables” into a song? … Now I’ve really scared you. Vegetables and breaking out into song.

    RE: Ownership Women take that whole possession thing waayy too seriously. You either know who you are and what you’re gonna go or you don’t. No man’s gonna change that. Besides that’s not what the movie is even about!!! Can’t a love story just be a love story without some bra burning … Ok. You got me. Next topic.

    Christopher Plummer is so NOT scary to me, he’s really-REALLY handsome and all manly! 😎 He’s so dreamy ~ especially when he sings Edelweiss…


    Clearly I’m a minority here … I think I’m going to go cling to my copy of Sound of Music and make everything good and happy again. 🙂

  13. Jill says:

    It’s funny to see you getting all this snow and crummy weather, while here in Buffalo we’ve have probably the mildest fall/winter I can remember in a loooong time. Normally we’d be out skiing or sledding in 20-30 degree weather by now, but temperatures have been pretty much in the mid 40’s to lower 50’s. A white Christmas is only a dream this year 🙁 We *are*, however, in the lead for the New York State Golden Snowball Award so far!

    Merry Christmas Dave 😀

  14. Wayne Hall says:

    I loathe the taking of wholesome, family fun and making it about some viewpoint or something. I love, however, the Sound of Music. Give me Sound of Music any day over just about any other attempt at good movie making. The movie was chock-full of excellent acting, incredibly good music, a decent plot, a great love story and memorable characters. It’s one of the few pop culture iconified movies that is worth a darn.

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