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Posted on Monday, October 9th, 2006

Dave!Back before I was in High School, my favorite show on television was WKRP in Cincinnati. Mostly because Loni Anderson's magnificent breasts were a star attraction (though, oddly enough, I was always much more attracted to the dorky Bailey Quarters who I thought was much cuter). The primary premise of the show was that each character was an oddball who would never fit in at another radio station, but seemed right at home with the WKRP family. The main radio DJ on the show was "Dr. Johnny Fever" who was fired from his previous job because he had said "booger" on the air.

Now-a-days, of course, "booger" is so inoffensive that children's books use it in their titles but, back in 1978 when WKRP hit the air, I suppose saying it was a plausible offense for getting fired.

The point here (if you can actually call it that) is this... today, after having Adobe Illustrator crash a record 22 times (I'm keeping count) from Apple's latest 10.4.8 Mac OS upgrade patch, I was about to scream "F#@%!" at the top of my lungs... but realized I was in an office full of people, so I bit my tongue and screamed "BOOGER!" instead.

I have no idea why it was that particular word which popped into my head to scream.

I can only guess that I was having some kind of Loni Anderson breasts-induced flashback or something.

And now I get to pack up and go home, praying to the internet gods that Verizon is through dicking around with my DSL. I need to catch up on the hundreds of emails and thousands of blog entries that have undoubtedly piled up since I lost my connection Sunday afternoon. I swear, my DSL goes down more often than Monica Lewinsky in the White House.


Lastly... color me shocked.


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  1. diane says:

    I lived in Cincinnati for a little while, and actually saw the fountain where WKRP was filmed! Otherwise, the city sucked.
    When I was growing up, my dad had a very Flanders way of not swearing. He made up swear words, and the best I remember was issued from the basement one day while working on, perhaps, plumbing:
    “Jimminy Cricket! Crap on TOAST!”
    My friend Quinton tried to start a trend of using “toast” as a swear word after hearing that story.

  2. Jeff says:

    Good call on Jan Smithers. Loni Anderson always seemed like a big plastic caricature of a woman to me, but Jan was hot in a natural shy way. Rowr.

  3. Kristin says:

    I totally agree about Bailey. It’s no coincidence that Andy (the somewhat clever, somewhat sensitive one) dug her, and Herb (the braying fool of a wannabe macho man in matching white patent shoes and belt) dug Jennifer. Gross. But, the breasts. Can’t argue with the breasts.

    And if I may comment on the Japan story you linked to. How embarrassing. Good God. In my experience you don’t have to leave the country to witness that kind of horrifying, clueless, jackass behavior, though.

  4. Bec says:

    The words at work seem to be “Smeg” follwoed by “Frak” (a non geek mother of two said it and then looked confused as if she couldn’t figure it out where it come from) and “Buggery Bollocks” (yes this is fine in our office!)

    …And do you mean the French aren’t ‘Rude; bigoted; and a trifle out of touch with reality?’

  5. Ben says:

    I started German lessons last night, and I was slightly suprised by how warm and humorous out teacher was.

  6. Margalit says:

    Do you have Verizon FIOS out there yet? We’ve had it for about 6 months now, and it’s never once gone down. It’s unbelievably reliable, way better than cable or DSL. If you can get it, do asap. I think I pay about $35/month for it, but it’s so worth it. Fast and reliable…. Priceless!

  7. yellojkt says:

    I had such a crush on Bailey. Loni was every other blonde bimbo that shaked her tatas to get me to help her with her homework. Bailey had the nerdy librarian look that I find so hot.

    Howard Hesseman was also fantastic in Head of the Class.

  8. I totally remember the episode where he kept saying it over and over. BOOGER!

    My favorite though was when the station manager decided to drop live turkeys from a helicoptor for a Thanksgiving giveaway. “I honestly thought they could fly”. Classic!

  9. SFChick74 says:

    Weird! I was just thinking about that episode of WKRP the other day. Les Nessman and his tape walls always made me laugh.

    And what is wrong with cussing? As long as there are no children present I say let it rip.

  10. nancycle says:

    Great show. WKRP in Cincinnaaaatii

    Good call on yelling ‘BOOGER!!!’

    Somewhere off in the future, perhaps 2036 a man will be in a similar setting yelling ‘F#@%!’, because ??? would have been inappropriate at work.

    Hmmmm….Have we as a society reached the pinnacle of bad words?

    What would be more offensive than the “F” bomb?

  11. Kapha says:

    Bailey was indeed the babe of the show. Great snapshot from Wikipedia (it’s the eyes and that natural beauty).

    Other women that reminded me of her over the years included the beauty in the Adam Ant video “Goody Two Shoes”, and – believe it or not – the heroine from an excellent Anime: “Paper” from “R.O.D. – Read or Die”.

    (As a sidebar, the follow-up to R.O.D. – “R.O.D. The TV Series” as another excellent anime – two of the best I’ve yet seen)

    I think the heart of the beauty of these characters lies in the fact that they: (a) Have a natural beauty that would come through if they were wearing a potato sack and hobo make-up; (b) Either aren’t aware of it or don’t choose to flaunt it.

    Couldn’t get through that article you listed… Dropped off around Word 1,200… 😉

  12. Mooselet says:

    More offensive than the “f” word? The “c” word. I cringe when I hear it said, and I do frighteningly more often than I ever thought I would.

    My mother, instead of swearing, would say “Christmas trees and bunny rabbits!” Honest.

    I see my fellow Americans over here and I find myself so frequently wanting to save them from themselves. Last time was while touring the Great Barrier Reef and a group in front of me in the buffet line were poking the curry and saying, quite loudly, “What the hell is this stuff??”. Should they put out the hamburgers and hot dogs for you then? Oy.

    Oh, and I always liked Bailey better than Jennifer – much more appealing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  13. kapgar says:

    I’ve noticed that about Illustrator, too. It loves to crash. I hate it for that very reason.

  14. Bre says:

    And here I thought I was the only one getting screwed over by verizon!

  15. diane says:

    Ha ha! Mooselet, I love your mother’s swear, but you also reminded me of the time Principal Skinner exclaimed “Great Barrier Reef!” on an episode of the Simpsons. That’s another one I’d like to see made more popular.
    But of course the brunette was more attractive than the blond. Not that I’m BIASED or anything (with my long brown hair…). I thought Andy was cute–always one to fall for the sensitive sort. *sigh*

  16. Laurence says:

    Me, instead of screaming “Merde” and others words, I sometimes scream “Scrogneugneu” ou “Zut” ou “OOOH NOOOOON” !!! But “Booger” never !!! 😀

    What ? According to Rolf Potts, you would be “Ignorant. Loud. Oblivious to surroundings. Insincere.” Oh, this writer don’t know you !!! What a pity for him ! 😉

  17. amanda says:

    offensive or not. boogers – and screaming the word in frustration – is just funny! laugh-out-loud-funny!

  18. karla says:

    I was taught, by many wise yet drunk Yorkshiremen on my last trip to London, the most effective use of the word booger….

    Drop your head, and with the saddest of face and the deepest of sighs, say ‘Ah, booga”. Take a deep breath and have another sip of Guinness.

    Ah…booga. The sigh of ages.

    You and me had a similar day.

  19. sultana says:

    “We’re living on the air in Cincinnati
    Cincinnati WKRP”

    ahhhhh, fond memories 🙂

  20. Roberta says:

    See, and I thought this was going to be about the “career” of Curis Armstrong. (One day I must learn how to add hyperlinks to comments.)
    Yesterday, JUST YESTERDAY I was discussing the brilliance of WKRP with a co-worker. Me, I like all the men. Andy. Howard Hessman. Not so much Gordon Jump.
    As for the girls, just an updated version of Ginger and Mary Ann, no?

  21. SJ says:

    I still remember every word of the WKRP theme song. Is that bad?

  22. lizriz says:

    Herb, that’s hot water!

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