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Posted on Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Dave!As usual, the Emmy Awards were replete with glaring omissions and poor decisions (how the heck could Shonda Rhimes not win for her brilliant two-part episode of Grey's Anatomy?). It's pretty sad when you can only really agree with one award winner choice, and found the highlight of the evening to be a tribute to the King of Schlock Television: Aaron Spelling. Dang he did a lot of bad shows that I am totally embarrassed to admit I watched.

Anyway, if anybody even cares, here's my recap of the major awards of the night...

  • Best Supporting Actress Comedy: Meagan Mullally... Bleh. Will & Grace died off years ago, and it's inexplicable how Mullally's tired old rhetoric could beat out hilarious Jamie Pressly from My Name is Earl. Pressly's Joy Damian IS the new "Karen Walker!"
  • Best Supporting Actress Drama: Blythe Danner... Okay, Danner is a fine actress AND I admit that I like Sandra Oh best because she's so dang hot but, let's face it, Chandra Wilson is brilliant in Grey's Anatomy and should have won.
  • Best Suporting Actor Comedy: Jeremy Piven... Yep, about the only award I totally agree with. Piven is a massive talent that should have won best actor when he headlined the best show to ever air on television: Cupid.
  • Best Support Actor Drama: Alan Alda... I can live with this, because Alda certainly did deliver with his impeccable work on The West Wing, but this award TOTALLY BELONGED TO ENRICO COLANTONI FROM VERONICA MARS!!! Seriously, WTF??
  • Best Actress: Comedy: Julia Louis-Dreyfus... Oh brother, a pity vote. She's not a bad actress, but she has done nothing to break free from her whiny "Elaine" character, whereas Lisa Kudrow completely buried "Phoebe" from Friends with her terrific work on The Comeback. It was a pretty good show, and she made it that way.
  • Best Actress Drama: Mariska Hargitay.... I love Hargitay in Law & Order: SVU, and she should be recognized for her amazing work, but she's been doing this role so long that she might as well be sleepwalking through it. If I had to pick from the nominees, I would have gone with Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer. HOWEVER... THIS AWARD TOTALLY BELONGED TO KRISTEN BELL FROM VERONICA F#@%ING MARS!! Shit!!
  • Best Actor Comedy: Tony Shalhoub... Whatever. I mean, Monk was clever at the beginning but now he's just frickin' annoying. The character does not grow or progress AT ALL. Every episode he's the EXACT SAME! For heaven's sake, DO SOMETHING NEW WITH YOUR CHARACTER!! I would have gone with Steven Carrell from The Office here because he has the better, more challenging role.
  • Best Actor Drama: Kiefer Sutherland... Yeah, yeah, 24 is still great and all. And I'm not upset that Kiefer won or anything. But Denis Leary TOTALLY OWNS on Rescue Me, and I continue to be amazed that he turned out to be so astoundingly talented an actor. His character goes through a metamorphosis every season, and the fact that Leary manages to continue pushing the envelope every episode gives him the Emmy edge in my book.
  • Best Comedy Show: The Office... I can absolutely live with this, because I think this show actually got better in the second season... but Arrested Development's last season was truly Emmy-worthy and should have won.
  • Best Drama Show: 24... HELLO?!? VERONICA F#@%ING MARS ANYBODY?!? I'm not dissing 24 by any means, because I love that show and watch it faithfully. But compared to Veronica Mars, it's complete and total shit. ALL SHOWS ARE SHIT COMPARED TO VERONICA MARS! Lame. Just lame.

One last thing before I go... can somebody please explain all the critical acclaim for Curb Your Enthusiasm?? I have tried more than a few times to get into it, and think it's total shit. Absolutely one of the worst f#@%ing shows I've ever seen. I would rather set my pubes on fire and jump in a barrel of gasoline than watch one minute of Larry David acting completely stupid on this awful, AWFUL, show. I see utter crap like this clogging the airwaves and drown in despair that shows like Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me were cancelled while this wretched excuse for comedy remains on the air.

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  1. Dave2 says:

    Yeesh. Not much to look forward to this coming season. I’m going to give a half-dozen shows a try, but will undoubtedly drop most of them by the end of the year…

    How I Met Your Mother, Heroes*, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip*.

    House, Gilmore Girls, The Unit, Veronica Mars, Boston Legal, Law & Order: SVU.

    Jericho*, 30 Rock*, Justice*, C.S.I.: New York, Top Chef, Project Runway, South Park.

    Survivor, My Name is Earl, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Six Degrees*.

    Las Vegas, Battlestar Galactica.


    The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy.

    * = New Show for 2006.

  2. Kristin says:

    Yes, well, Enrico Colantoni should have won an Emmy a zillion years ago when he killed his dad on NYPD Blue. I knew he was a huge talent then. He was so wasting his time on Just Shoot Me.

    Kathryn Heigl deserved one tonight, too. And you’re right about Shonda Rhimes.

    If I had cable I might be able to have an opinion about the rest. 🙂

  3. adena says:

    I totally missed the Emmy’s. I really have no interest in them.

    Instead, I watched the BBC show “ShakespeaRE-Told”, doing “The Taming of the Shrew”, which was actually really good. But, it’s totally going to bug me where I’ve seen that actress before…she’s got a really unique voice, so I KNOW I’ve seen her in something before, but I can’t place it, and it’s DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!


  4. Kapha says:

    Yet another reason for giving up TV, Dave. Seriously! 🙂

    That and the fact that as of 2003, 28.9% of prime time TV was commercials and promotions! (it’s probably 30%+ now) That’s up from 21.1% in the 1990’s and 15.8% in the 1980’s.

    And don’t forget you’re *paying* for the priviledge of watching that 28.9% of advertising and promotions with those ever-increasing cable/satellite bills. The promotions are amazing to me: instead of showing you what you want to watch (the show you tuned into) they show you relentless ads for future shows! lol!! Over and over and over and over… My favorite is the “you think there’s a couple more minutes left of the show?” Nope, just three to four minutes of more ads and promos – some repeats of the five duplicate ad sets you saw during the show. But they *made* you watch! Works every single time!

    It used to be the ads paid for the *free* TV we got on antennas (remember that?). But now you’re *paying* for the cable/satellite and there is almost DOUBLE the advertisting! LOL!! These guys are BRILLIANT!! 😀

  5. The only new show I’m looking forward to is 30 Rock, and then only because I love Tina Fey.

    I thought Conan did an excellent job as host, and I loved the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert thing.

    As for the wins I really didn’t care, since I only watch to see who looks good and who looks like Candice Bergin did tonight. Yech…

    I was happy to see Andre Braugher win tonight. But then again I love him so much I’d give him an award just for getting outta bed in the morning .

  6. Neil T. says:

    Okay, so:

    • I’ve heard of Kiefer Sutherland
    • I’ve heard of The Office (I’m guessing this is the US version, right?)
    • I’ve heard of 24

    …but who on earth are all those other chaps and chapesses?

    Oh wait, one of them was in Friends. Okay.

  7. Avitable says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the lack of VM love. Although I think Monk has been an excellent show recently. Traylor Howard’s addition to the cast was a great move.

    You don’t like Curb? That surprises me. The brilliance is that most of it is unscripted, but they just work so well together, and Larry David is such an asshole you just love to see him always get what’s coming to him, time and time again. I love CYE.

  8. Kyra says:

    I can’t stand slapstick, to be honest. It goes beyond irritation for me, so I don’t do well with those types of shows. 🙂 I think the furthest I ever got into “Curb” it about 4 minutes, and I was done. Never went back. I don’t get it either.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what new shows look promising this season, but I’m nervous to try and watch ANY of them since they cancel the ones I like and KEEP the stupid ones. *sigh*

  9. Kyle I says:

    All I can say is I love Sundays….three of my favorite shows right there. I’m not sure what your sense of humor is like but you might like those.

  10. Jeff says:

    Meagan Mullally – what a waste of an award. The only time I’ve ever found her funny is when she isn’t on Will & Grace.

  11. delmer says:

    I don’t know that I knew Monk was a comedy. I watch it all the time, and it has funny moments. But, I assumed it was sort of a quirky crime/drama … though not a very complex one.

    But, what do I know? I didn’t realize The Office was a comedy either. I know it’s advertised as such, but I’ve tried to watch it twice and have had to turn away half-way through each time.

  12. Karl says:

    I never watch awards shows, but I agree with your assessment of the awards that were given. I still watch Monk…I enjoy it and keep hoping that some day Adrian will find his wife’s killer.

  13. kapgar says:

    I do agree about Chandra Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy. But I also think Jean Smart should’ve gotten it before Blythe Danner. Smart was incredible in 24. Sorry, I’m still a 24 whore, so I fully support all the awards it won.

    Oh, and you’re so right about season 2 of The Office being better than season 1.

  14. Laurence says:

    Just one question. Don’t get angry, please ! But I don’t think that “Veronica F#@%ing Mars” was nominated. So, how could this series have been winner ?
    Now, I feel you angry… Sorry, Dave… 😉

  15. Walt says:

    I didn’t catch the awards but feel the nominee pool has been lacking as has new ideas. I caught the pilot for 30 Rock the other day and have mixed emotions about it. It’s shot in a Drama style with out a laugh track, which is nice, but some of the humor seems short in delivery. I think, to make it through the season the writers will need to punch up Baldwin’s character. Fey is playing straight man, woman as it is, in an almost realistically absurd world. I don’t know about you but I can only laugh so many times at how ridiculous the corporate mentality is before pulling my hair out. Can we really go home in frustration, relax, and laugh at Fey going through the same stupidity? NBC really needs to pick things up. I was shocked to hear SNL is releasing four of the cast members, Sanz, Parnell – Fey, and Dratch have already left. Who’s left? Fat Albert, Meyers, and the other black guy named after hair products… Finesse Mitchell. Yikes!

  16. Eve says:

    STEPHEN COLBERT, ok! That brilliant man lost to BARRY MANILOW! Why the hell was the Manilow special even in nominated? Ack. Utter crap. And Aaron Spelling, the King of Utter Shite programs. No disrespect to the dead, but seriously, I dare anyone here to try and watch the Love Boat right friggin now!

    Steve Carell & Colbert are so kickass, they deserved to win in their respective catagories. And go Jeremy Priven!!! And THE OFFICE, too — totally deserved.

    I totally agree about Jaime Pressly, I wrote the same thing. But, I was happy for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, because I think her new show really is funny. 24 — great show, but you know it just got the 5 years later award.

  17. Jill says:

    You don’t watch The Amazing Race?
    Dead Like Me got cancelled *already*???

  18. yellojkt says:

    I can’t dispute most of your tirades since I don’t watch VERONICA F#@%ING MARS, but my favorite show, Battlestar Galactica (I know, I’m a geek, but the show is that good) didn’t get nominated for anything. Maybe the Voters don’t realize Jamie Pressly is acting. She is hilarious.

  19. EDDIE says:

    Opening was funny by Connan O’brien.
    (Mr.Cruise came out from the closet!)
    My favorite show is still Huff.

  20. Ben says:

    I’m hurt and confused that the West Wing didn’t win in every category it was nominated for.

    Instead they gave best drama to 24? What the?! Have the minds of whoever votes for these things gone to mush? MUSH I SAY?!


  21. nicole says:

    Veronia who??? 🙂

    I am with you on Curb Your Enthusiasm: complete crap. I really miss Dead Like Me.

  22. otra dave says:

    I find it hard to watch Las Vegas, it really annoys me. One of the only ones I watched all the way thru was when the big boss was kidnapped by a plumber, and it looked like he was going to kill him. That got my enthusiastic interest because that guy is way more annoying than Jared and the other 4 on your top 5 annoying people list (imo). His miraculous escape was such a letdown. And all the cleavage shots are just gratuitously DULL.

    Actually, Jared doesnt bother me at all. The morning talkshows on the radio REALLY annoy me. I cant listen to them. How can they make so much money for such lame drivel? And ALL the callers say, “Dude, you totally rock!”. Oh yeah, this is about tv…

    I used to love the Amazing Race, but have only watched sporadically the last 3 seasons. When the producers blatantly broke the rules so the wrestlers could stay in by taking the non-ticketed am train into Budapest I lost interest. But seeing Budapest was really nifty.

    I wish Craig Ferguson had won instead of Manilow. I think he’s pretty funny, and has the best late nite writers.

    Someone else who REALLY annoyed me was the guy who did all those fake “from a helicopter” voiceovers on all of those copchase specials. I’m glad I never knew his name. Maybe he’s in jail now or something…

    There are some well known politicians who top my list, but I suppose you purposely left politicians off of your annoying list. Yeah, I know, the annoying people list was a month or so ago…

    Maybe my favorite tv show is Antiques Roadshow. I’m babbling, I’m not used to working 11.5 hour days…

  23. ms. sizzle says:

    i’ve really got to start watching grey’s anatomy, huh? does that make me more of a “seattle native”?

    🙂 sizz

  24. Nicole says:

    I agree with all of your commentary (especially regarding the total Veronica Mars shut out from the Emmy’s) EXCEPT for Jeremy Piven’s win. Granted, I haven’t seen Entourage yet (season one is in my Netflix queue) but Will Arnett totally deserved to win. GOB was my favorite character on Arressted Development and possibly in the entire world. And the only thing that kept me from crying when Arrested Development lost best commedy was that The Office (which I must admit has almost filled AD’s place in my heart) won, stealing the award from Two and Half Men who did not even deserve to be nominated (sorry if any of you actually like that show).

  25. Mark says:

    Dave, you seriously should add “Battlestar Galactica” to your list of shows to watch. Or, you know, at least tivo it.

  26. SJ says:

    Adena: Her name is Shirley Henderson, and you probably remember her as Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter movies.

    Dead Like Me is being rerun on Sci-Fi Channel. Two episodes every Tuesday night, at 7 pm and 8 pm. I’m watching it for the first time, and LOVE it.

    I also HIGHLY recommend Eureka, a new series that recently debuted on Sci-Fi. It shows at 9 pm on Tuesdays. Hilarious, unique and very clever.

  27. Belinda says:

    You said “Dead Like Me.” Now I am sad, and I miss that little blonde bershon girl. I hope she gets work again soon, because she was GOOD. And also, Jasmine Guy rocks. I saw her on Broadway as Roxie Hart in “Chicago” once and she totally knocked my socks off. And also, Mandy Patinkin. *sigh* SO much good about that show. Durn you, Dave.

  28. Jill says:

    I didn’t realize that Dead Like Me ran 2003-2004… I’m just seeing for the first time on the SciFi channel. That kind of stinks, watching something for the first time knowing that it’s already cancelled. Bummer.

  29. MotherReader says:

    I like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I do think it’s an acquired taste. I was determined to stick to it because of the Seinfeld connection, it’s funny and it’s different. But it’s not for everyone.

    Steve Carrell was robbed. And Colbert should actually sue.

  30. CJ says:

    Veronica Mars was ROBBED! No argument there.

    VM and Lost are the two best shows on TV (network anyway) and I can’t believe they were both snubbed.

    But I don’t agree with you re: GA. It’s fun and well-written, but it seems like a glorified soap to me and it’s so overly cutesy it verges on juvenile at times. (Va-jay-jay? Seriously? Are we 5?) It’s no Veronica Mars!

    I really like Curb your Enthusiasm, but I can understand that it’s not for every taste. Humor is such a subjective thing and that kind of “cringe” humor especially isn’t for everyone. I also think the episodes are really uneven and some of them miss the mark. But when it’s at its best, it’s hilarious.

  31. margalit says:

    Anything 24 wins is well deserved. I agree with you regarding Chandra Wilson, and I’d like to see Sandra Oh win as well. They make Grey’s Anatomy.

    Don’t watch Veronica Mars (I’m sorry) but I do watch Curb. You’re never gonna get it becasue I sincerely believe you have to be from LA (like me) and Jewish (like me) and from a family in the ‘industry’ (like me). It’s a giant in joke and I think it’s hilarous, but it’s just more of picture of my childhood gone wrong than anything else. It’s not a universal joke, just like Seinfeld didn’t play well in Iowa, because it was too NY centric.

  32. Brandon says:

    Yeah, Veronica Mars was robbed. It is easily the best show on TV. We just finished watching season two tonight. Totally amazing.

    The one show that looks really funny is the one with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor, 20 Good Years.

    Totally off topic, when looking up John Lithgow on IMDB, it says that he is rumored to be in “The Smurfs”, the first in a planned trilogy. Holy crap, I am scared.

  33. karla says:

    Dave, I officially love you.

    I so totally agree with your opinion on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. I don’t get it. I am so tired of that nebbishy weirdo and I just shudder when it’s on. Why it’s so critically acclaimed is beyond me….

    I’ve always felt like I was the only one who felt that way!

    sigh. You rule.

  34. Wayne Hall says:

    The Office all the way. Love that show.

    Bleh on all the others (only because I don’t watch much TV, not that they suck. I’m sure much of it does but I’m not qualified enough to give an opinion).

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