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Posted on Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Dave!I've been so busy with my job lately that everything else has taken a back seat to work. I was going to write a long rant about what a whiny douche-bag loser Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser is, then continue with a dozen other things that fill me with rage... but I don't have the time. So instead I've decided to do the "Memes for Adults" meme that I'm lifting from Avitable.

Oddly enough, it probably took more time to answer the forty questions than it would have taken to write my rant. Oh well. I put it all in an extended entry for those of you who like to skip these things...

  1. What's in the glove box of your car?
    I'm too embarrassed to type it all out again, so you can read my previous entry here (with a photo!). The only thing that's changed is that I've got a warning notice for speeding added to the clutter.
  2. Favorite classes in college (or high school):
    Geometry is the only class I ever truly enjoyed.
  3. Shampoo brand:
    An obscenely expensive brand called Kerastase, which I think is a L'Orรฉal Paris company.
  4. Favorite piece of furniture you own:
    My kitchen table.
  5. Idea of a really good first date:
    She's sane, charming, intelligent, and wants to go out with me again.
  6. Favorite fruit:
  7. Pick a passage from a favorite book:
    "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." As taken from the beautiful book Illusions by Richard Bach.
  8. What would you eat for dinner if it were your last night on earth?
    Local: Pierogies sautรฉed in butter and fresh basil from my freezer. State: Two slices of Da Vinci Pizza from David's Pizza in Spokane, Washington. Nation: Pasta Salvi from Salvi's Bistro in Columbus, Ohio. World: Fettucini Alfredo from Alfredo alla Scrofa in Rome, Italy.
  9. Free Will or Destiny?
    Free will. We make our own destiny.
  10. What would you sing at karaoke?
    What I usually sing when forced (and incredibly drunk) is You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi.
  11. Sweater or Sweatshirt?
    Sweatshirt. I don't even own a sweater.
  12. Paris, NYC, Tokyo, or Rio de Janeiro?
    New York City, baby! If I could afford to live well in NYC, I'd move there because I absolutely love it. Paris is an incredible city I love and I wouldn't mind living there for a year or so, but if it were a lifetime move I'd rather move to Italy. Tokyo is a fascinating place which I love to visit, but even if you speak the language and are familiar with the customs, you will always be an outsider, so I don't think I would be happy living there for very long. I've never been to Rio.
  13. What do you wear to bed usually?
    T-Shirt and Joe Boxers.
  14. If you dyed your hair, what colour would you dye it?
  15. If you went back to school, what would you study?
  16. Gum or mints?
  17. Recurring nightmares?
  18. Age & location of first kiss?
    Yeesh... I think it would have been either the fourth or fifth grade in my back yard.
  19. Describe your favourite pair of shoes:
    A pair of Batman Chuck Taylor All-Stars that were released with the first Batman movie in 1989. Since they are irreplaceable, I wear them only on special occasions.
  20. What movie/tv character do you feel like you relate to most?
    Ray Kinsella from Field of Dreams.
  21. First CD purchase:
    My first music purchase was Barry Manilow: LIVE when I got my first cassette recorder. My first CD purchase was I believe Catching Up with Depeche Mode.
  22. First concert:
    Thompson Twins Into The Gap Tour, 1984
  23. Do you like camping?
    Not even a little bit.
  24. If you were doomed to be mauled to death by an animal, what animal would you prefer that to be?
    Tiger. I love tigers.
  25. Do you/would you own a gun?
    I do not own one and can not own one. It a fundamental precept of my Buddhist studies. Though I can imagine a scenario where I would go get a gun and kill somebody... Buddhism or no Buddhism... if I had to.
  26. What religion would you like to know more about:
    I've studied so many religions at one point or another that it would have to be some kind of rare belief system I don't know about.
  27. Favourite food as a kid:
    Either Cocoa Puffs or Koogle Peanut Butter. It was a freaky blend of peanut butter with either chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, or banana. Vanilla was my favorite, followed closely by chocolate. I hated banana, and never tried cinnamon. It was only made during the 70's, and was discontinued almost immediately after I discovered it.
  28. How many languages do you speak?
    I only speak English fluently. I used to speak passable Japanese and Italian, but I've forgotten most of it and only know basic phrases. If pressed, I can speak a few phrases of Swedish, French, German, and Spanish as well (mostly touristy stuff like "how much", "where is it", and "I'd like a cheese sandwich".
  29. If you were a natural disaster, would you be a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake?
    Hurricane (courtesy of The Scorpions!).
  30. If you could make one state in the US just go away, which state would that be?
    I'm so pissed at South Dakota "justice" that it's the only state to come to mind.
  31. How many prescriptions do you take?
  32. Lake or Ocean?
    Depends on the lake or ocean, because I've been to both that have been beautiful. In general, however, I'll take the ocean.
  33. What is the worst lie you've ever told to get out of work, (and don't say you've never lied to get out of work, because that my friend is a lie and you know it)?
    I have never lied to get out of work. Seriously. If I were to a point where I needed to lie to get out of work, then that's a job I would have to quit.
  34. Do you carry a backpack, a satchel or "man bag", tote bag, brief case, or a backpack on wheels?
    Rarely. I have a backpack when I travel. All the other times it's just my computer sleeve if I need to take my laptop anywhere.
  35. Have you ever been arrested/cited for anything other than traffic violations?
  36. Would you ever move for/with a significant other?
  37. What was the weirdest thing you had to dissect for biology?
    I refused to dissect anything in biology class.
  38. Would you ever consider spending some time at a nudist colony?
    Probably not.
  39. Best thing you can cook?
    Either a fried egg sandwich or cheese & rice enchiladas.
  40. If you were going to donate 1000 dollars to a charity, what would that be?
    Doctors Without Borders.

Back to work...

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  1. Thompson Twins! Dude, they so rocked! (My first concert was Men at Work.) This is the best meme I’ve seen in a while. Definitely going to snag this one.

  2. marie b. says:

    I’m snagging this. Oh, and Koogle Peanut Butter sounds like manna from Heaven.

  3. adena says:

    My first concert was Information Society.

    Remember them??

  4. Tracy Lynn says:

    Fun meme. I liked Crazy Cow as a kid. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist anymore, but it was a cereal that was all about turning your milk chocolate, strawberry and, I think, blueberry. My dad bought it for us by the case.

  5. Bec says:

    Barry Manilow? Huh? What? Why? No wait… Just remembering what mine was… (Wake me up before you go go? Anyoe? Hello????) Go, Manilow!!!!

  6. Belinda says:

    That’s all we get for #35? Just, “Yes”????

  7. Dave2 says:

    Though the actual incident itself is not very exciting.

    I mean, it’s not like I killed somebody or was selling drugs or anything.

  8. Annette says:

    Barry Manilow?!? I write the songs, tra la la… he could drop dead for all I care, sorry. I agree with Biology class.. I couldn’t face the dissection assignment either. I think it was a frog. My lab partner did all the work and the teacher made fun of me. Lots of years ago but I still remember that. I should have puked on him.

  9. adena says:

    I Meme Stole from you.

  10. Jeff says:

    I recently had to do research to prove that at one time Skippy made a peanut butter with bacon bits in it (it was delicious), because no none of my friends believed me. I now have an email from Skippy that admits it.

  11. Charred says:

    I used to have a recurring dream (not nightmare, because it doesn’t scare me) wherein I’m in the movie “Aliens,” and am protecting my family, friends, (et. al.) while they crawl through the ventilation ducts towards the dropship while the Xenomorphs (the “real” name for the aliens) rush us. I’m able to wound them while they’re at a distance, but once they get close–like in the scene where Vasquez holds the Xenomorph’s head against the wall with her foot and then puts a few rounds in its head–I’m unable to fire a kill shot.

    Unlike Vasquez (who dies in the movie because the acid blood spurts on her foot so she can’t get away), I’m always able to escape because, despite their best efforts, the Xenomorphs are unable to hurt me for some unknown reason.

    For the record, I am aware of the symbolism behind this dream.


  12. I’m meme stealing, too.


  13. margalit says:

    I’m with Belinda. Just yes is NOT an answer. Come on… share.

  14. Dave2 says:

    Karl: Men at Work was another group I liked at the time, and think their album Cargo was under-appreciated.

    Marie: Koogle was fantastic when I was younger… I somehow doubt I could manage eating it today… though I would like to try the vanilla again, as I remember liking that one best.

    Adena: Do I remember Information Society? Funny you should ask… I have recently started hunting down all their old CD Singles and import works. Amazing stuff. My favorite song recently has been a cool extended mix of “Going Going Gone” and (of course) a dance remix “What’s on Your Mind”… still great after all these years.

    Tracy Lynn: Blue milk? COOL! I don’t recall “Crazy Cow” but would definitely give that a try! MILK THAT’S BLUE?!?

    Bec: It was the mid-70’s… Barry Manilow was about as hard-core as it got back then!

    Annette: Barry Manilow is okay. I honestly don’t know that he’s ever been a favorite… he was just the only thing I recognized when I bought my first cassette tape (it was blue!).

    Adena: Meme steal away! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeff: GAH! PEANUT BUTTER WITH BACON?!? Scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charred: I’m not laughing… I’m impressed. Impervious to acid blood? That’s hard-core!

    Kentucky Girl: Enjoy!

    Margalit: I was cited along with a group of people for what somebody considered inappropriate behavior. It was just a warning, and I maintain to this day that it was not a big deal. And it wasn’t.

  15. Mikey says:

    Tigers Rule!! My first concert was Liberace. Hey my parents took me to see him.

  16. Dave2 says:

    I don’t feel quite so bad about Barry Manilow being my first music purchase now. Thanks Mikey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. timothy says:

    The first cassette I bought was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I remember standing in the aisle trying to decide between Thriller and the Flashdance soundtrack. The first album I remember my parents buying for my brother and I was Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. They brought it when they came back from either an Oak Ridge Boys (Elvira) or Kenny Rogers concert.

    My first concert was Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. Their opening act was Expose’, the Latin Pop divas. I was so in love.

  18. nic says:

    My first concert was Three Dog Night and I was totally blown away by the opening band … T. Rex!

    Later years … my first CD was Nat King Cole.

    Egg sandwiches, geometry, strawberries, free will.
    You’re like my twin.

  19. Brent says:

    Glaser has always been a prick. He never likes to play nice with anybody. I’m interested to hear why he’s ruffled your feathers. That should be an interesting read, if only for me.

    Sometimes I read these quizzes and all throughout the time I’m reading I keep thinking, “Why am I reading this?” Anyway, I can’t stop after I’ve started. It’s interesting to learn more about people and I believe these small surveys actually accomplish some good.

    I think I’m detecting that I’m in a pleasant mood. Wow, this doesn’t come along all the time. Cheers.

  20. Avitable says:

    I see how it is. No comment, but meme-stealing.


  21. Kevin says:

    Funny thing is that I misread #25 and was wondering what Buddhist precepts owning a gym could possibly violate. Then it hit me.

  22. ms. sizzle says:

    great meme- actually chalk full of great tidbits. but now i want a fried egg sandwich. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    those chucks sound so cool. and i am so glad to read there is someone else out there that isn’t a fan of camping.

  23. delmer says:

    Thompson Twins in ’84?

    I think we’re about the same age — though depending on how old the blog-shots are you seem to be holding up better than I.

    My first concert was Boston in 1979 (or very late ’78) … I always thought I got a late start on concert attending (I would have been 18), but you may have been a later bloomer.

    Koogle — I’ve tried to describe this to my kids. I don’t know that I ever had it. Did the theme song go something like “Here comes Koogle with the koo koo koogly eyes?”

  24. Eve says:

    #2: I don’t think I’ve ever met a person whose favorite class was geometry. I kicked ass in geometry, until we got to the part where you make the graphs. Then I did so poorly they demoted me to Polygons until I improved. (Hey, at least it wasn’t Triangles or Circles!) And now what is it I do for a living? Edit numerous books with GRAPHS in them!

    #12: None of us can afford to live in NYC, even those of us already living here!!! Though, you could live well in four of the boroughs OR have 7 roommates in a 1-bedroom apt in Manhattan (I guess that depends on your definition of well).

    #24: Oh, how cute. You love tigers so much you even want to be mauled by one. That’s quaint. ๐Ÿ™‚

    #37: Right on, dude!

    Oh, and while I’m here: Hi, it’s Eve. Got my new site and Gravatar going on. You want to guess who was the first visitor to my new page? That’s right, buddy, YOU!!!!!!!! If I had prizes to give, you’d get one. Maybe one day.

  25. Suzi aka SJ says:

    Yep, there’s gonna be a heap o’ stealin’ of this one!!!

    Dave, if the idea of blue milk appeals to you, why not just buy nonfat? ;>)

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