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Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Dave!You ever have one of those moments where you are absolutely certain that you must be losing it?

Yeah, me too.

Unfortunately, these moments seem to be coming more and more often. Like when I look at a random photo that I've got orphaned on my laptop, and can't for the life of me figure out where it was taken. I'd like to think that this is because I've been to so many places that they're all blending together (which could be true), but reality tells me it's probably just my brain shutting down. It's all downhill from here.

Usually, I can look at the date on the photo file and then look at my calendar to see where I was when it was taken. But this morning I ran across a photo which doesn't have an accurate date, and doesn't look familiar to me in any way... I can't even place what country it was taken in. I went through my entire iPhoto album to see if there was a similar shot, but couldn't find any. I am completely clueless...

Where is this?

Does anybody out there know what city this is? Better yet, can anybody tell me what I was doing there?

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  1. Tonya says:

    My first instinctual guess was West Sacramento, but it’s been so long since I’ve been there I really have no basis for the thought 🙂

  2. Dave2 says:

    Could be Sacramento. I’ve been there three times in my life (that I remember). But I don’t think I’ve been in something tall enough to have taken a photo from this high of a vantage point.

  3. Kevin says:

    Any chance this could be taken from a building on a college campus? That would explain the natural element and the fact that it’s right outside, but still close enough to, a city. You could’ve been shooting from a taller campus building. A dorm or the like.

  4. Dave2 says:

    Nope. The only place I’ve been in Sacramento is the Hard Rock Cafe (twice). The third time I was there I had lunch and gassed up my rental car on the way to Yuba City. Nothing ever above two stories, and both times I was downtown.

  5. kazza says:

    Are you sure it was you that took the photo? Maybe someone sent it to you ..

  6. Dave2 says:

    I had thought of that… but really think it is one of mine. I guess I’ll know for sure when somebody can tell me what city it is!

  7. ssp says:

    Can’t help you with the photo (any date in the file that might help you figuring it out?)

    But for the memory… just look at your parents. If they are like mine, they may also have difficulties remembering your phone number, but they can go through boxes of photos from 20+ years ago and remember everything. So even if things have dropped out of long-term memory… there seems to be a pretty good chance they’ll resurface in the future in old-age memory.

  8. delmer says:

    The skyline is sparse enough to be Columbus, Ohio. And you’ve indicated you’ve been there.

    Columbus, while nice enough, is totally forgettable, which explains why you don’t remember it.

    The trees throw me. As does the fact that the Laveque Tower (which I’ve misspelled) is missing.

    You could have taken the photo while on one of the world-famous Gray Line Helicopter Tours of the city.

  9. Randy says:

    I can’t be of much help, but you can rule FRESNO out…

    I find this sort of humorous, though, I’m not laughing AT you, of course…

    You may have to let this one go, and then…when you least expect it, you will have a sudden flashback…”Oh yeah, I remember it now”…

  10. Peggy Archer says:

    It can’t be anywhere in the southwest because of the trees. Not California, not Arizona, not New Mexico.

  11. xtine says:

    well I know for sure it isnt NYC.

  12. SJ says:

    Dave2, as soon as you’ve dealt with the issue of WHERE?, please answer the question of WHY? I’m curious to know what prompted you to take such an unremarkable (and obviously forgettable!) photo. What was it in this scene you felt compelled to capture for eternity?

  13. Neil T. says:

    I personally think it’s quite a good photo 🙂 . No idea where it is, though 🙁

  14. Dave2 says:

    SSP: Yes, but I want to know right now! You see, the impetuous 2-year-old in me as never left! 🙂

    Delmer: Columbus… FORGETTABLE?!? You obviously have not eaten Pasta Salvi and Salvi’s Bistro in Columbus, or you could never say such a thing! Truly awesome… the best pasta I’ve had outside of Italy.

    Randy: What’s strange is this… even after having figured it out, I still don’t recall taking the photo, the view, or much of anything else. I do remember my room at the Hard Rock quite well, however.

    Peggy: What’s strange is that, for the longest time, I was trying to make this photo be from Singapore, because the trees look like those I remember from a park across from my hotel there.

    Xtine: I kind of ruled out New York City myself, but it could have been from upstate New York or perhaps Pennsylvania… both of which have those beautiful stretches of green in them.

    SJ: I have a habit of taking photos out my hotel windows when there’s something interesting there. I thought that the stretch of green with a city coming out of it was kind of nifty. Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t a very good one, so it ended up a bit grainy and murky.

    Neil: The way the buildings reflect the light could have been very pretty had I a decent camera with me. Even without it, I think the pastel colors are kind of nice… so thanks!

  15. Anthony says:

    My initial feeling was that it looks like an Australian city. :S

  16. Derek Speer says:

    This is a photo of Tampa, FL. This is straight east of the city, approximately 5-10 miles east. Near I-75 maybe.

    I am 100% certain of this. The taller white buildng is the building I work in daily.

    Don’t know if you figured it out since August 18th 2005, but if not, I’m glad to help.

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