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Posted on Sunday, May 23rd, 2004

Dave!When you see something that says "Click here to see the best video you ever seen in your whole life" - you would pretty much be compelled to click on it wouldn't you? Especially after reading about the "artist" Pleasureman Gunther who "is from Sweden but he feels like a European" and "wants to change the worlds look at the sexual way of thinking, so he has started a new trend to sexualise it more in the world. A Gunthertrend. He has only started his mission to go out in the world and spread the message of Love."

It's Gunther!


And, if you like your video filled with sexual innuendo and plastered with Swedish women bouncing around and pleasuring each other to a disco beat... well, then this may very well be "the best video you ever seen in your whole life." For me it's either this one or the video for a-ha's Take on Me.

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  1. Charmane says:

    I stumbled upon Gunther a few weeks ago. While I was compelled to laugh at first, I have found myself under the spell of the Swedish pleasureman! I await updates with silken panties and have been searching the net for a way to buy the CD in the US. I mean, come on, how could you not love a guy who wears bronzer and sports a mullet!

  2. Dave2 says:

    Let’s face it… Pleasureman Gunther RULES! I wish that I could pull off that look. I’ll keep hoping that one day GuntherMusic shows up on the iTunes Music Store so that I can participate in the GuntherTrend of sexualising the world! πŸ™‚

  3. Kalle Jensen says:

    Fuck yeah!! I bought his album “Pleasureman” a couple of days ago. Damn it’s hot. Half of it sounds like Ding Dong Song the other half is what I call moody-music. “Semi-porno music”

  4. Joe says:

    Hey Kalle, where did you get to buy the album? I have looked everywhere and I cant find it. I am in the US. Please email me cause I need to buy several. Thanks.

  5. Dave2 says:

    I don’t think that Gunther has the Pleasureman album out yet in full release (just as a low-run Swedish import that I’ve had no luck finding either… only the Swedish link on Gunther’s site turns up the album for sale). But he has released “Ding Dong Song” as a single. Several online stores (including have it as an import… just do a search for “Ding Song Song” and away you go. There are two releases… and it looks like you get more remix material on the second one. Sadly, neither CD has the video on it or else I would have bought it.

  6. cvg says:

    There are many Swedish-based servers on DC++ so it wouldn’t be too hard to find some people with his CD in their share.

    Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  7. stacey says:

    my sister heard of his website and told me to check it out so i did and at first i thought it was some kind of joke, it seemed really cheesy but man i can’t get the song out of my head. i got my co workers into this song!

  8. marma says:

    Gunther is also in the house here in Portugal!!!!
    Now it’s up to us to spread this love virus in every damn disco in this country :)))

  9. Guppy! says:

    Gunther is fucking sweet. Thats right. The Guppy said it.

  10. Natalie says:

    I’ve seen Gunther live at his concert in Sweden, because Im from there and I have to tell you… HE IS AMAZING!! Im passing the Gunther-trend on!

  11. MeatWad1337 says:

    Gunther has single handedly brought joy and laughter to me and all my friends. Its almost impossible to believe that someone could sing this and be serious. I have the utmost respect for someone with grapefruits the size of the ones the pleasureman has. Gunther you are a God, dont ever stop creating the BS songs you have givin to us.

  12. feedmeho says:

    I don’t think anyone can really not like Pleaureman Gunther. While really stupid, his songs are so ridiculously catchy that you can’t help loving them. This is only enchanced by his absolute seriousness about being a “pleasureman” who sports a euro-mullet. Check out the song Teeny Weeny String Bikini (as its called on Limewire. I know, but I can’t find the CD anywhere). Its Gunther at his best.

  13. Sturt says:

    I couldn’t believe this guy was for real (Pleasureman???), and reading the stuff on the site is hilarious, but I can’t stop listening to the damn song! (Ding Dong Song) It’s just so catchy!

    I was linked by some friends who already found him. I think Australia’s about to be hit by the Gunthertrend, courtesy of myself and the guys πŸ˜›

    One thing though, there is NO WAY I’m getting his wallpaper and screensaver πŸ˜›

  14. savage mcgee says:

    you people are f#@&ing crazy. why do you give a shit what this f#@&ing dork is singing about. give it up and return to reality where gunther is nothing but a ding dong lovin motherf#@&er. oh and his music sucks too

  15. Dave2 says:

    Who cares about his music… it’s his VIDEO that’s made me a fan. And if you hate Gunther so much, why do you seek him out on blogs? Admit it, you’re a closet Gunther-lover!

  16. johnny says:

    does anybody know where i can get a sweet gunther t-shirt? possibly some gunther boxers? thanks much, they’re extremely necessary

  17. Dan says: to buy a shirt I got the cd from new york off of ebay and it kick ass!!!

  18. Jim says:

    We all know Gunter is the best, well I found a T-SHIRT shop on the internet that sells stuff that says Gunter and I love Gunter’s mullet. This might be the same guy. Check it out at

  19. Juvenile says:

    ok… i love the song but what song did he base it on? (without the ding dong lyrics). Cause i know this song from somewhere and its killing me! does anybody know thanks!

  20. JOSH says:

    dude, fuckin gunther rocks man, driving around on weed listenin to gunther is the best, what a fucking pimp man! MORE GUNTHER!

  21. says:

    im a freshman in college and discovered gunther a few months ago…this guy is amazing
    at nyu, hes a hit
    at upenn, hes a hit
    im trying to spread the word

    also, im glad to report that gunther is now in the itunes music store!

  22. Jean-Phillipe says:

    Ohhh. I actually splashed cum on my computer screen while watching Gunther. He’s the sexiest man in the world. I’m gay, and not ashamed of it. I touched my tralala all day long in the school thinking of him. My classmates were laughing, but me I was happy and thisa is the only important thing. The girls are disgusting! Ohhhh, You suck my tralala!

  23. Martin says:

    He gave me hanky panky,
    and I touched his ding dong.
    He is defidently the hottest, most valued European (even though he isnt) music artist ever.

  24. Ben says:

    Bring the sexual way of thinking to Australia I say, we are going to need to bring Gunther here soon. We’re all getting sick of David Hasselhoff anyways. Ding ding dong, tra la la. I’ve been inspired to start up “Ben PPL”, I think I really need to see this live.

  25. yalie says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know: Gunther is performing at Yale tomorrow night, and it is going to be ridiculous! The Pleasureman rules!

  26. Kiffe says:

    GΓΌnther is the man!

  27. Anonymous says:

    ha i luv this song and it so funny

  28. MexCO says:

    CD @ BEST BUY came out april 25th here in Illinois

  29. Odin says:


    I have been indulging in the pleasureman’s delights for the last year and am still not tired of his vanity!

  30. Elizabeth Latella says:

    I just want everyone to know how Gunther’s music has changed my way of thinking. Before I used to think…money, power, posessions. Now I realize that the truly important things in life are Champagne, Glamour, Sex, and Respect. I’m going to sexualize the world as well!!!! Thanx Gunther

  31. Smister says:

    Gunther songs are now available on Napster. Let the Sexualization spread.

  32. Steve Jacobson says:

    I love gunther, I want to be him. He touched my Tra La La! Oh yeah! The Gunth… πŸ™‚

  33. Xavier says:

    His CD is now on BMG online. I’m soooo getting it. And thanx for the link to his website. His image is now my wallpaper! Woot!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Gunther can eat a f#@%ing bullet

  35. Dave2 says:

    Are you so totally bored up in Toronto that you have nothing better to do than search for “Gunter sucks” across the internet and leave witty comments like this?

    Did Gunther sleep with your girlfriend or something?

    But, even if you think Gunther sucks, you have to admit that he has damn fine videos!

  36. nicole says:

    ha ha ha ha i will speak as one Canadian and Gunther rocks!!

  37. somaie says:

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