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Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Dave!According to Google maps, I walked almost five miles today.

I don't get nearly enough exercise, so this is probably a good thing. Or would have been if I weren't breaking in a new pair of shoes. As it is now, I've got some nice blisters on my feet that should make travel ever so fun tomorrow!

Anyway... the bad news is that there's not really anything worth blogging about today. The worse news is that I'm waiting for a movie rental to download from iTunes, so I'm going to blog anyway!

Dave's Walking Map of Seattle

WARNING: This is an extremely uninteresting entry. Unless following a boring person through their boring day appeals to you, it might be best to just skip it...

• Glazer's Camera Supply. When I get to Germany I'll be needing to take some photographs for work, so I brought along my camera. Problem is, my battery charger stopped working for some reason. Calling around yesterday, I was unable to find an authentic Nikon replacement, but was told at Glazer's they had a cheap-o generic version for $8.95. After I got caught up on work this morning I walked the 1.2 miles to their store only to find their cheap-o version was actually $24.95. This sucked, because it was too late to do anything but pay $24.95 for a hunk of crap. It works though, so I guess that's something.

Denny Park Sign

• Johnny Rockets. They actually had veggies burgers in stock. I nearly died of shock.

• Macy's. When I was gathering my clothes for this trip, I noticed my favorite Cashmere sport jacket had a small tear in the sleeve's seam. Not wanting to make it worse, I decided to buy a new jacket when I got to Seattle. I hate clothes shopping with every fiber of my being, but managed to find a jacket I liked at Macy's. Alas, it was $350, which was more than I wanted to spend. The guy helping me then said "oh, there's a sale" and wandered off to find out what the cost was. Hoping that it would be under $200, I was dumbfounded when he said the price was $54. Apparently it was half-off since it was an older model, and then there was a massive discount on top of that. SCORE!

• Eddie Bauer. Encouraged by my fantastic luck, I went to Eddie Bauer to see if the shirts I like there might be on sale too. Turns out they were, which means nothing. Usually they don't have any styles I like in my custom "Tall" size, so I'm out of luck when it comes to getting anything on sale. But, miracles of miracles, they actually had five styles I liked... all in my size!! And because Eddie Bauer was having a similar "sale on sale priced merchandise" deal, I ended up getting five shirts for the price I usually pay for just one of them. SCORE!

Karma Donation Sign

• NikeTown. In a state of total euphoria that I managed to get $650 worth of quality clothes for a mind-boggling $114, I was freaking out at the thought of finding similar deals on other stuff I'd like to get. Such as a new pair of Nike hiking boots! But not only did NikeTown not have anything on sale, they also DON'T CARRY HIKING BOOTS ANYMORE! This completely killed my shopping high, so I decided to abandon my pursuit and haul my new clothes back to the hotel.

• The UPS Store. Last night I transferred as much data off my dying MacBook Pro as I could over to my new MacBook Pro. Since I'd eventually like to goof around with the busted-ass laptop to see if I can revive it as a spare, I decided to ship it back home. There's a UPS shop a couple blocks away, so I popped my old MacBook Pro into the new box, carefully wrapped it with a couple of my new shirts I didn't have room to pack, then added all the software I brought to install on my new machine. This bundle got packed into a duffled bag, which I then dropped off to be shipped. Where when they charged me TWELVE DOLLARS for a shipping box. TWELVE DOLLARS! These pack-and-ship places are a fracking RIP-OFF!! I mean, seriously... TWELVE DOLLARS for a cardboard box and some tape?!?

Obama as Lincoln Poster

• Zero Zero. Knowing that I wanted to go back to the crêpe place that Sizzle and I ate at last night, I remembered that the best place to get a haircut in Seattle, Zero Zero, was nearby. As usual, the guy who cut my hair did a fantastic job. And at a fraction of the cost it would have been to stop at Gene Juarez where I used to go to get a decent haircut. SCORE!

• 611 Supreme. The Gruyere crêpe I had yesterday at 611 Supreme was so frickin' amazing that I wanted another for dinner tonight. It didn't disappoint. I only wish I would have had room for the Banana-Nutella dessert crêpe that Sizzle recommended. Next time.

My Crepe at 611 Supreme

• Bartell Drug. Back down to Westlake Center for some last-minute stuff to re-stock my travel needs: toiletries, allergy pills, headphones, snacks, batteries, Botan Ame Rice Candy... Bartell is one of those stores I love, because they always have exactly what I need.

And now here I am after a long day and a lot of walking.

But not nearly as long as tomorrow is going to be...

I apologize in advance.

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  1. Crail00 says:

    I think the heading should have been “shoe-ping” 😉

  2. Nice score on the clothes! Thanks for the link to the crepe place. I’ll be in Seattle in late June and will definitely have to check it out. 🙂

  3. carlos m. hernandez says:

    “Good Donation’s…”

    Arrgh! Sorry, but it makes me crazy when people put in extraneous apostrophes.

    Don’t worry about your writing being boring. Your day was made all the more interesting by us living it vicariously. (Actually, it’s a little bit creepy that relative strangers would have such an interest in it.) I felt a little thrill at each of your shopping scores.

  4. kapgar says:

    Have Macbook Pros been around long enough for you to have already killed one? Wow.

  5. sizzle says:

    I think I am going to have to go get that dessert crepe this weekend because ever since I recommended it to you, I keep thinking about it!

  6. You went for a long walk in NEW shoes? Oo, ah, OUCH!!

  7. A Lewis says:

    I hope you have a super fantastic wonderful delicious trip! As for your little trip around Seattle, it appears to me that one of those little pins is awfully close to a sex shop…..dare I even ask about THAT??????? And the last time I was in Bartell’s at Westlake was last February when we all met up at the place up on Capitol Hill for dinner…. and a lady in a wheelchair was sitting out front of the drugstore yelling FUCK YOU FUCK YOU to every person coming in or leaving the drugstore. Yikes.

  8. Lexxie says:

    I’ve never been to that Bartells….
    But I’ve heard that there’s this Bartells in Crossroads in Bellevue that this rockin’ person works at.

  9. Hilly says:

    I need to get back to Seattle and do some walking too…no one ever walks here.

    (Really I just want the crepes but I will pretend it is about the walking.)

  10. martymankins says:

    So for you, Macy’s was great, but for Hilly, it was a fail.

    Hoping your MBP is repaired and ready for your trip.

  11. I used to live right next door to an Arena and remember deciding that I’d walk to the Depeche Mode concert. In my brand spanking new Dr Martens. You know, to break them in. I had to take them off and walk home in my socks because my feet hurt so bad.

  12. Sybil Law says:

    How sad that your”boring” posts are still better than mine.
    Why is Abe Lincoln creeping me out?
    Good luck with the new shoes, but there is not much better than getting clothes you love for a great price. Nice!

  13. Ren says:

    I think my most interesting posts are less interesting than this “boring” post of yours.

    It was a very lovely story, and you tell it so well, with such enthusiasm….

  14. twinkie says:

    Big retailers go out of business exactly for reasons like Nike no longer carrying hiking boots. Rat Bastards!!

    Oh and Macy’s and Gottchalks are the place to shop right now because of their financial difficulties there sales are freaking incredible!

  15. Faiqa says:

    Giggling at the “intelligent use of leisure.” I love the 19th century.

  16. Wow. The shopping gods truly smiled down on you that day. I’m jealous.

  17. Lisa says:

    One of the things I love about your posts that start out stating it will be mundane is that they turn out far from mundane. Then again, I am someone who loves a killer deal. I also have to share it with everyone. Bummer about your feet though.

  18. whall says:

    Your attempts to bore me have been vanquished by my ability to find the positive in anything.

  19. kilax says:

    That crepe is beautiful! Yum yum yum. There is a crepe shop in downtown Chicago I keep meaning to try. I gotta get down there!

  20. yellojkt says:

    Your boring day posts are better than my “I worked on it all week” posts.

  21. Sinjin says:

    Man, amazing that one can save so much money on clothes and then get ripped off for a freakin’ box! And they know you need it… I just got ripped for a vietnamese hair wash (not even styled) for $15! I was in a hurry, should have asked first… Oh, and don’t worry about the hiking boots, they have tons in Germany (not to sound condescending). Anyway, hope you have a great voyage.

  22. *lynne* says:

    That Gruyere crêpe looks *sigh* no chance of 611Supreme opening a franchise here in Chicago?

  23. I don’t think this post was anywhere near as dull as you thought it was.

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