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Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Dave!I've been working like mad to get the last of the orders packed up this weekend so I can mail them out at long last. Unfortunately, this has resulted in me getting a nasty paper cut down the length of my index finger, which makes it hard to type. I'd say that I just can't catch a break, but my vision is almost back to normal again, so I'm rather relieved about that.

Since I am in pain and all cranky, I decided to cop a meme that's been making its way through the blogosphere where you are supposed to list five things on your mind just now. Apparently this does not include what you're blogging "just now" or else it would be pretty redundant.

Five Things On My Mind Just Now...

  • Contemplating going to Hawaii and Thailand. The former because I miss it, the latter because the only Hard Rock Hotel in the world I haven't been to is located there (at least until Penang opens next year). Of course, coming up with the time and money is the real trick, isn't it?
  • Wondering for the millionth time why somebody would belittle a person for the job they have. When I see somebody working hard and taking pride in what they do, that's far more important to me than how much money they make or what they're doing to make a living.
  • Depressed that my MacBook Pro is constantly overheating so the fans have to come on. It's not hot in here and I'm not doing anything processor-intensive, so why?
  • How much I positively loathe Microsoft for unleashing the pile of shit browser known as Internet Explorer on the internet. It has ZERO redeeming qualities, and has set back web standards a decade. Every fucking time I build a web page, it ends up looking perfect on every browser I can find... until I get to IE and have to deal with their buggy shit. I spend more time tweaking pages to work in IE than I actually spend designing them in the first place.
  • Wishing I had a week with nothing to do. I am so tired of killing myself with 20-hour days and not making a dent in the work I have piled up. And soon I'll be traveling again, which just makes it twice as hard to get things done.

Bleh. now what's on my mind is wishing that the stuff on my mind wasn't so depressing.

Switching to happier thoughts...

Davecago Poster   Dave Louis Poster

If you are planning on joining up with a great group of bloggers at Davecago3 (August 9th) or Dave Louis (August 16th), please let me know ASAP. I'll be leaving soon, and need to get reservations and name lanyards taken care of before I go! Just send a message to me at and I'll get you hooked up with all the details.

Hmmm... now I'm thinking that I need a before-bedtime pudding break...

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  1. Ben says:

    when is Davewaukee going down? I will be there for that.

  2. Winter says:

    I too wish I had a week with nothing to do. It’s nothing but a dream in my world though. Ummm pudding break sounds awesome but I forgot to buy pudding. I’m a bad bad girl. 🙁

  3. Hilly Sue says:

    Amen on the job thing. I would never make fun of anyone’s career for the same reason. The thing that ticks me off, which is sort of off-topic but sort of not, is when non working asstards make fun of the mentally challenged bag boys at my local Ralph’s grocery store. I just want to scream, “At least he HAS a job and takes pride in it!”.

    PS – sorry that my phone was a slut again today.

  4. So when do we get David-Kingdom? Us folks in England need you too!

  5. Sarah says:

    Mmm… pudding

  6. Karl says:

    Glad your eyes are feeling better, and it was great inadvertently talking to you yesterday. Again. Apparently, when Hilly puts her phone in the tray of her car, you’re automatically set to dial.

  7. the other day as i was picking up my lunch i was talking on the phone saying, “i would seriously love to vacation in thailand. what an awesome destination.” the guy who always waits on me smiled and offered to be my personal tour guide. bet he would do it for you as well.

  8. martin says:

    Dave, The way your luck is running,stay indoors this week,wrapped in a duvet.

  9. delmer says:

    I’ve never understood the job thing either. I don’t care for comics who make fun of where someone works.

  10. ~jtm says:

    Are actually able to relax and do nothing when you get the chance? I learned a valuable bit of information about myself the last beach vacation we took. I can.not.relax. My brain can’t switch off..annoying.

  11. Lewis says:

    I must admit that my former laptop fans came on significantly more, and much louder, than my current one…they are all so different. Have you used the compressed air to clean out the vents?

  12. claire says:

    Glad your eye is feeling better.

    I’ve been feeling crazed with stuff to do myself lately but hearing your list puts it in perspective. Sounds like you need an assistant! Just let me know if you’re ever hiring. 😉

  13. Just sent you an e-mail on this, guess I should have checked here first.

    I’ll be there!

  14. Poppy says:

    I’m illiterate so not reading the comments above, but did you try running hardware diags on your MBP? I doubt they turn up anything, but ya never know. Also, could be overheating because the battery is bad or you have one of the bad power cords. At the end of my time at work two days ago the following components were replaced because of my MBP overheating: power cord, power brick, battery, logic board, hard drive, top case. Next up was going to be memory that went bad because of all the overheating issues. As of Friday it still just stopped working whenever it felt like and other times it overheated and kicked the fan on. Good times, good times.

    Please hurry up and have Dave York so we can take you to the one Johnny Rockets in the nation that promises it has your Streamliner in stock. (We asked today just for you. 🙂

  15. John says:

    Regarding the browser issue, I just wish ALL OF THEM would get on the same effing page! Ugh! The bane of our existence.

    Glad your vision is better. : )

  16. After what my husband has been through this weekend (and he’s stuck overnight as we speak because yet another flight was canceled) I seriously don’t know how you handle all the travel. Nerve wracking.

  17. martin says:

    Dave I have the same thing on my MacBook. I found istat on the apple page I dare say that you know about it, if you don’t have a look.

  18. kapgar says:

    Katie and I should both be there.

  19. Göran says:

    Let me know if you´re going to Thailand. I have tons of info you might need. Good hotels etc.

  20. ChillyWilly says:

    My MacBook Pro heats up a lot, too. I have the CoreDuo 2.0 Ghz model from April 2006. It works great, but gets way hot on the left side. The right side is warm, but not as egg-cooking hot like the left side gets.

  21. It took me a while, but I finally became Microsoft-free earlier this year via the Linux route, and haven’t had this much fun on a computer since I had a Mac in 1985. IE8-beta2 is just now trying to catch up to Safari circa 2005, and there’s no need to bother worrying about how a page looks in IE. Anyone using it will just have to suffer.

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