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Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2007

Dave!There I was this morning looking at the ingredient labels of all the food in my refrigerator and cupboards when it dawned on me... WAAAAAHH! I'M GONNA DIIIIIIEEE!

Last week while I was sick and didn't have an appetite, it was easy to be eating under my new diet. Juice and applesauce three times a day was okay by me. But now that I get hungry and actually want to eat, it's a frickin' impossibility. Everything I have contains the things I'm supposed to avoid while testing out my new medication. Of course, after researching these things a little bit, they look like stuff I should be avoiding anyway...

  • Hydrogenated Oil... Poison. Literally poison. This shit will kill you, and should be made illegal. Fortunately, many food manufacturers are getting rid of it, but eating out at a restaurant can be like having a hydrogenated oil bomb go off in you.
  • High Frustose Corn Syrup... The least-healthy sweetener there is, and it's in everything. Many researchers claim that it's high fructose corn syrup that's responsible for the obesity epidemic in the US.
  • Gluten... I thought problems with gluten were limited to people with celiac disease, but apparently eating too much gluten (wheat, rye, and barley) can rough-up your lower intestine even if you don't have it.
  • Dairy... I don't have to give up dairy, but I'm supposed to limit my intake of it. Dairy isn't exactly good for you, but the stuff is made far worse because of all the hormones they inject into cows, and pesticides in cow feed.

With nothing to eat, I went to the store and found out most of the food available is also filled with this crap. But eventually, after a lot of work shopping, I managed to find stuff I could eat (rice-almond bread with hummus and feta cheese... delicious!). But there's still a massive problem...

Dave Ketchup


I love ketchup and put it on half the stuff I eat. Having to stop eating it because it contains high fructose corn syrup is a crushing blow to my menu. So I used iPhone to see if there was a recipe for making my own ketchup on the internet, and there are dozens of them! So now I'm making my own ketchup, and all is good again.

Especially since I just read that My Boys has been renewed for a third season! Sweet!

UPDATE: GAAAAH! Speaking of My Boys, I just watched the season finale... AND IT'S A CLIFFHANGER? Why? Why would they do this? Who was on the plane? WAAAAAAAAHHH!

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  1. adena says:

    ketchup on peas….

    I seriously worry about you.

  2. SJ says:

    Hey, I have that exact same bottle! It’s almost empty though, because ketchup is my favorite vegetable and I try to get in 5 servings every day.

  3. What the hell are you going to do if it turns out that iPhones cause high cholesterol, cancer, or will give you hives?

    Just asking.

  4. Dave2 says:

    Adena… Ketchup makes all vegetables tolerable. Especially peas.

    SJ… I loves me the ketchup. Can you imagine French fries without it?

    Hot Coffee Girl… I’d die from high cholesterol, cancer, or too many hives, obviously! 🙂

  5. Catherine says:

    When you are in L.A., you are going to want to eat here.

  6. Carl says:

    Don’t you mean Catsup?

  7. kapgar says:

    Actually, it’s being renewed for a “second” season. If you look at the numbering in IMDb, these last six episodes are actually part of season one. Sure took them long enough to finish the season, subdividing it into three smaller ones.

  8. Avitable says:

    This is new medication for your recent illness? And it’s that restrictive on your diet?

    I say fuck it. It’s better to die well sated.

  9. ADW says:

    When I was a kid, I pretty much ate ketchup on everything. But the grossest thing I ever saw was a cousin (from the South) putting ketchup on her white rice. EWWWWW!!! Please say you don’t do that.

  10. Wayne says:

    I loves me my ketchup, but I limit it to burgers, steaks, fries and eggs. But what I love the best are good fries with some mayo AND ketchup to dip them into…… mmmmm good!

  11. blanetalk says:

    Those restrictions on the diet sound near impossible to live with. I wish you luck working it out … sincerely.

    The high fructose corn syrup has had it’s detractors for a while, and there may very well be linkage to a number of health issues. But the obesity epidemic has multiple causes.

    We live in the land of plenty. Some responsibility lies with the culture of excess that resulted from the post World War 2 boom. Never in history has mankind ever had access to so much food at such reasonable prices. Never before has man had to work so little to stuff his face, and never before has he had so much time to do it.

    And, this article [] points out, among other things: “Federal, state, and local policies have actually made healthful foods more expensive and less available, have limited physical education in schools and created an environment that discourages physical activity, the report said.” So while one can pick on individual ingredients in our food supply, I am of the opinion that it is broader causes that really are to blame for the general society-wide problem of obesity.

  12. kim says:

    Buy organic ketchup – no high fructose corn syrup. Who has time to make ketchup?

  13. bogup says:

    Good idea to stop eating high fructose corn syrup. Recently heard from a UW physician professor on how horrible that stuff is for one’s body. It can totally clog up your digestive system and the huge amount of it contained in soft drinks. Good timing on making your own ketchup with the tomatoes in full season throttle. Ketchup on carrots? Oh, ok…

  14. sizzle says:

    when i decided to cut sugar out of my diet, i, too, struggled with shopping. it’s in everything! aack! but good for you for doing your research and trying.

    let us know how that homemade ketchup turns out.

  15. Lewis says:

    Ketchup? You’ve got to be kidding me. And here I had you pegged for a higher-level sort of guy all along. You know, from the way you talk about your chocolate pudding and other assorted snack (meal???) items, I was surprised to see you even mention this healthy living crap. My whole image has been shot to hell.

  16. Robert says:

    Is there a Whole Foods (or similar organic/health supermarket) near you?
    Most of their products are free of high-fructose corn syrup and use old fashioned cane sugar instead (if any). Most have no hydrogenated oil but use olive or canola instead. Their dairy is hormone-free. (Although the imported cheeses aren’t labeled either way.)

  17. amanda says:

    oh my gosh… i’ve been thinking about this ALL day… I think it would have to be the cub or jeremy sisto, because the botanist wouldn’t have that much money… and I think she really likes jeremy sister, so i’m rooting for him

  18. yellojkt says:

    I hate high fructose corn syrup. It is a misguided result of our corn subsidies. And does not belong in ketchup.

  19. Kelly says:

    Going to Whole Foods is a good suggestion. Be sure to try the deli and the gluten-free baked goods sections. Or generally any organic/health food section at a regular store.

    Foods that pop into my mind that you can get at a regular grocery are:
    Corn chips (ingredients should just be corn, veggie oil & salt)
    Salsa (Pace has corn syrup – so look in the Mexican section(other countries don’t use corn syrup, or the organic section, or the deli section.)
    Refried beans (usually made with veggie oil or lard. Flavored ones might have corn syrup.)
    Plain potato chips (should just be potato, veggie oil & salt)

    Buy a bag of shredded cheese, melt a little on the chips, and dip them in the beans and the salsa — pretty close to real food.

  20. suze says:

    Ugh – I am supposed to avoid gluten as well. And, I’m not really all that enamoured of rice bread sadly… (and I cheated and had the naan tonight, because really, who can resist naan? But I’m paying for it, let me tell you…)

    best of luck with the diet restrictions…

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