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Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2006

Dave!Just as I was finishing this catch-all Monday entry, Yellow by Coldplay hit on my iPod, and I suddenly realized that there was a freaky color-theme running through all my bullet points. Funny how that happens...

Grey: In what has to be one of the best shows currently showing on television (now that Veronica Mars has seemingly vanished), Grey's Anatomy continues to surprise me. The SuperBowl two-parter was mind-blowing. Last week's follow-up was classic. And, even though last night's show was kind of slow and boring, I still find myself completely absorbed by it. Unlike crap-fests such as Lost which drags shit on forever with no resolution, Grey's never fails to plunge forward into new territory. You may not like where it goes, but you will always be entertained. Isn't that what television is all about?


Purple, Green, & Gold: Oh how I wish I was in New Orleans right now for Mardi Gras.

Black: Balancing pain and nausea makes you pretty much useless for anything more difficult than watching television. But, other than the aforementioned Grey's Anatomy, the most interesting thing on television was a commercial for the new video game called Black, which focuses on one thing only: blowing shit up. Beautifully. That's all you do. You go from one location to another and blow... shit... up. It's got to be the most brilliant idea for a game ever, because they've cut out all the boring crap that you usually have to sit through to get to the good part. Which is, of course, to blow shit up. My copy is on pre-order, and ships tomorrow...

Xbox Black

Brown: The current round of ads featuring Jay Mohr as a talent agent for Diet Pepsi are the most incredibly stupid ads I've seen in a long time. I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised that Jay Mohr is whoring himself out for something so outrageously asinine... what else has he got to do? But Jackie Chan and P. Diddy? Pepsi must be paying them a shit-load of bank in order for them to ignore how idiotic they look in these spots. P. Diddy's is especially embarrassing, considering he cuts a new hit single with a can of Diet Pepsi called "Brown & Bubbly". Seriously, "Brown & Bubbly". I am still trying to decide if it is more embarrassing to be starring in this crap... or to be responsible for coming up with the idea in the first place. Pepsi... it's past time for a new ad agency.

Violet: Around seven years ago, there was a brilliant British television mini series called Ultraviolet that shows what happens when a cop played by Jack Davenport ("Steve" from Coupling) accidentally gets wrapped up in the world of "Code V's" which is a clever way of saying "vampires". I keep waiting for it to be released on DVD in the US, but nothing ever comes. Instead, now we have another Ultraviolet entirely, but this time it's a movie starring Milla Jovovitch. She's playing a "Hemophage" which is yet another clever way of saying "vampires", or so I am guessing. All I do know is that Milla kicks total ass, and I can't wait to see it. Please, please be better than the ridiculous Underworld...


Blue: I just learned that Octavia E. Butler, a prominent Seattle science fiction writer who created some truly amazing works, died this weekend. If you want to give her stuff a try, I recommend the critically acclaimed Wild Seed, a tale of two immortal beings that's a magical read and hard to put down. Truly a great loss to sci-fi fans, and a reason to be blue this Monday.

Lime: Still depressed that Coke with Lime is disappearing from store shelves, but Mooselet was kind enough to pass along a tasty reminder of the greatness that once was (only in Australia, alas). It's the "Coke with Lime Girls"...

Coke with Lime Girls

Hmmm... since kidney stones are still plaguing me, let's see how well I manage at work today while totally drugged up...

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  1. adena says:

    I still have had NO trouble finding Lime Coke.

    Maybe it’s just you……:)

    I’d never watched “Grey’s Anatomy” until after the Superbowl. Now I’m hooked. Sooo good!

    (and seriously….”Brown & Bubbly”?? I wrote about how crappy *no pun intended* that was after the superbowl. It’s a toss up between that and the horrid Burger King commercials.)

    I’ve never heard of Octavia Butler. I’ll have to check her out. I love Sci Fi/Fantasy stuff, altho’ I’m more into the “Dragons/Immortal/Elves ‘n’ stuff” than “Flying through space” books. Which did she write? I have a kazillion Dragonlance books, etc, but no Star Trek/Star Wars stuff. I can’t get into that aspect of the genre.

    (Oh, and “Underworld” needs to be appreciated purely for Kate Beckinsale. I mean, the leather outfit alone….whoo! However, the guy….Scott Speedman (?)….he kind-of skeeves me out. He reminds me of the guy from Creed. I just don’t see it. Blegh. Surely they could’ve gotten a hotter leading man.)

  2. Belinda says:

    So, the drugs…they ARE good! I hope it’s over soon. The stones. Just the part with the kidne stones.

  3. Carlos says:

    Dave, not sure how you missed it, but Ultraviolet is available on DVD in the US. I got a copy from some years ago. Just checked the site: Ultraviolet (2000) DVD
    Original Release Date: July 31, 2000

  4. Neil T. says:

    Ooh, a Jack Davenport series. I totally missed that when it was on so I may have to check it out. I’m a big fan of Coupling.

  5. Anthony says:

    Best ending to an entry ever. Sorry to hear your still suffering man.

  6. Cavan says:

    I was stoked about Ultraviolet because, well…Milla Jovovich just looks fantastic in the ads. Then I found it out it was being directed by the hopelessly inept Kurt Wimmer…so now it’s been scratched off my list.

    And yes, a bad day for SF when it loses a writer as insightful and talented as Butler. I recommend the Lilith’s Brood series.

  7. Firda says:

    Milla Jovovich’s waist scares me more than her sword does.

  8. Kevin says:

    Yeah, even I could do better that Brown and Bubbly. Or I’d like to think I could, at least. Those commercials piss me off to no end. Thank the lord for TiVo.

    What systems is Black coming out on?

  9. Hey, I can’t see the Greysmontage!

    Since I’m addicted to both Grey’s Anatomy and DaveToons(r) I’d love to see it. Please?

  10. Pauly D says:

    I was such a Grey’s Anatomy-hater until halfway through this season, then rented the first season and watched that on DVD.

    Now I’m hooked. I even bought Can’t Buy Me Love on DVD (an 80’s Patrick Dempsey classic) since I’ve got GA on the brain.

    I so agree about VM and Lost — give us some resolution now and again. GA is even beating Desperate Housewives now. It’s clever, well written and fun.

  11. Dave2 says:

    Adena: I live in a small town, so it could be that we are the one with a “Coke and Lime” crisis! Give Miss Butler’s Wild Seed a try… I think it’s the type of sci-fi you will like, because she does write with a nice fantasy-fiction-type slant.

    Belinda: Drugs are not just good… they are life-saving. Without them I would have killed myself long ago, because kidney stones are entirely too painful. 🙂

    Carlos: WHAT?!? I’ve kept a look-out for Ultraviolet on Netflix and DeepDiscount but never see it… now I go to Amazon and you are right, there it is! Thanks for the tip… $22 is a real bargain!

    Neil: Ultraviolet is a very different show from Coupling, but Davenport is great in it. Seems he is equally adept at drama and comedy. Amazon has a 5-star rating for it over 46 reviews, so it would appear I am not alone in enjoying it.

    Anthony: I don’t think that anybody at work will know the difference. 🙂

    Cavan: Have not read Lilith’s Brood Series by Miss Butler, but definitely want to. What a talented writer she was. Kurt Wimmer wrote and directed Equilibrium which I thought was a pretty decent film… Matrix-like without Matrix budget! I am interested in seeing what he can do with big money, cutting-edge SFX, and high action.

    Firda: it does seem a bit unbelievable in that poster… it’s almost like they should have Photoshopped her MORE waist, because I’d hate to think that somebody actually Photoshopped LESS waist!

    Kevin: Black is coming out for PS2 and Xbox. Critics are saying that despite being on “older” systems (instead of PS3 and Xbox 360?) the graphics are top-notch and the sound is unbelievably good. I can’t wait. Stupid commercials like “Brown and Bubbly” piss me off because you just KNOW that they spent millions for that crap. If they would have given even a fraction of that budget to a new and innovative firm, they probably could get something far more interesting to watch.

    Reluctant: Oooh. It’s there. Perhaps I have too many graphics on the page and so it’s not loading?!? Sorry… it’s just the cover of the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. Maybe if you hit the refresh button??

    Pauly: Grey’s Anatomy is one of those rare shows that you can actually come to appreciate… I know a lot of people who didn’t care for it at first, gave it another shot, then became won-over by the terrific writing and great cast. Veronica Mars actually does do it for me… they just haven’t been airing new episodes lately which is making it stale. They are definitely not afraid to forge forward and shake things up on that show!

  12. Patti says:

    HOLY CRAP…I’m sorry to hear about you getting stoned! Yikes!

  13. adena says:

    I dunno….I live in a pretty small town. Right around 30k. And I still can get Lime Coke. In fact, my parent’s town, 3 miles away, with a population of 2000 people, still has a store that carries it. The ONE store in the town.

    I think it’s just you. 🙂

  14. rach says:

    i SO miss coupling, & i thought i was going to have to wait for the next pirates of the caribbean movie to see jack davenport again.

    and was it me, or was the dr. chick on GA that was hitting on george just slightly scary-looking? or maybe it was just how she popped his shoulder back into place. ow. has ultraviolet for $19.87.

  15. ChillyWilly says:

    Did you pre-order it from

    This game looks fun. Hoping for a PSP version later this year since I’m console-free in my home. Only handhelds for now.

    Speaking of, Lego Star Wars for Game Boy Advance is on sale at Target this week. It’s only $3 off the retail price, but it’s the cheapest price so far from anywhere.

  16. Dave2 says:

    Adena: Coke tells me that what products they release is solely at the discretion of the local bottler. Perhaps our local bottler hates Coke with Lime? I don’t get it.

    Rach: Coupling kind of died for me when Jeff left. It wasn’t the same, though I still enjoyed it. If they can get Jeff back, I’d love more Coupling. I think the doc hitting on George was named “Dr. Vasquez?” Call me crazy, but I actually rather liked her… she’s got great eyes and doesn’t seem to be into crappy mind-games, which is a big plus… she likey the George, and is gonna get her some of that. What a refreshing change from real-life! There is hope for us nerdy geeks yet.

    ChillyWilly: Deep Discount has black for $38.80 delivered, which was the best price I could find…

    ChillyWilly:The GameBoy Advance version of Lego Star Wars is fun stuff… but not in the same league as the Xbox version with those amazing graphics! Still for gaming on the go, I was impressed, and it’s worth picking up. Cannot WAIT for the Nintendo DS and Xbox version of the sequel!

  17. Cavan says:

    See, I thought Equilibrium was atrocious. The last fight scene where Christian Bale is taking on Father was amazing, but aside from that I wanted to gouge my eyes out for most of the movie.

  18. Mooselet says:

    I think Milla’s ribcage and hipbones are sharper than her sword. Thanks for making the rest of the female population feel so inadequate bitch!

    Pass those damn stones yet Dave?

  19. Dave2 says:

    Equilibrium was no Matrix, but I still thought it was pretty decent low-budget sci-fi fare. Oh well, I guess we’ll see what’s what when Ultraviolet comes out??

    Mooselet: Hey, I never said she wasn’t freakish in her mid-section, I said she could totally kick ass! No need to feel inadequate, because I’m sure you have no problem in the kicking ass department! 🙂

  20. Hilary says:

    Hmm, I really have nothing to add expect that I am also much enjoying Grey’s Anatomy. And yes, each ep is just better than the last.

  21. Neil says:

    Sorry you’re still not feeling great. I couldn’t find Coke and Lime, either. They now have Coke and Cherry, Cherry + Vanilla, but no lime. The Coca-Cola Company just can’t commit to anything, can they?

  22. Flummoxed says:

    Hang in there with the kidney stones. I’ve had them, gallstones (then gallbladder removed) and three children. The kidney stones were by far the WORST! Drink your water 🙂

  23. ana-chan says:

    Isn’t the world just a huge rainbow!

  24. Michelle YBF says:

    I *love* Grey’s Anatomy. Although I said, “EWWWW!” out loud when Meredith and George did it.

  25. Michelle says:

    Veronica Mars will be back March 15! i guess they didn’t want to compete with the Olympics. GA is my other favorite show right now too!! i’m almost more obsessed with it right now than VM…

    I read Octavia Butler’s “Kindred” for a class and really liked it. very interesting, with spontaneous time travel and all…the cover of that book is blue.

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